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Clueless Governor Uzodinma And His Sycophantic Stooges

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Sycophancy has done us so much disservice in unimaginable proportions, the extent to which self-seeking flattery has taken over reality and stunted our political development is too glaring to be ignored. Yes, it is a known anomaly that wrong people are in most cases the ones favoured by the system in Nigeria to get into leadership positions, but then, how worse does it get when these wrong people only surround themselves with pathetic praise singers who are specialists in telling them only the lies they wish to hear?

Governance has never been this poor in the Eastern region. How a region that once propped up people like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Michael Okpara, Ojike Mbonu, Sam Mbakwe, and their likes watered down to start raising leaders like Hope Uzodinma, Ifeanyi Ugwanyi, Willie Obiano, Okezie Ikpeazu and the rest of them in their league of inept occupiers of leadership position should worry every right-thinking Igbo son or daughter. The drift is mind-boggling. In recent times, we’ve only had leaders that are in reality worse than rulers, for not all ‘rulers’ are corrupt like the ‘leaders’ we now have in Eastern Nigeria. They are so brazen about their intentions of reducing their states to private estates. They call the shots, their citizens are docile, and to sum it all up; they surround themselves with dimwits as political aides, advisers, and appointees, it is indeed a gang – A gang of looters.

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A few days ago, The Eastern Updates came across a video making the rounds on social media, in the video, Imo State governor, Hope Uzodinma was playing host to some of his political aides and appointees who ostensibly came on a ‘Thank you’ visit. For every sane mind that is conscientious about good governance and selfless service, that video is such an eyesore. It is depressing to watch. In the video, Uzodinma was sighted sitting down like an emperor – a Deity,  occasionally nodding his head as his appointees ‘fought’ each other to take the floor to spew the same garbage. They all had one target – to lick Uzodinma’s ass, to massage his worthless ego enough to put themselves in good positions to milk Imo and her resources dry. Please make no mistake about it, there is nothing wrong with sometimes praising leaders where they are ‘deserving’ of praise, the question here should be, is Uzodinma estimable of those praises? absolutely No! Where does he rank performance-wise? has he industrialised Imo to create jobs for the teeming youths who are unemployed? has he tackled the menace of insecurity that is scaring away tourists from the State? How have workers and retirees fared under him? Are Imo roads now world-class? How many blocks of buildings has he added to any Imo public school? What facilities has he added to the State’s healthcare system that is in a state of comatose? How accountable and transparent has he been with Imo states’ resources? so where are the praises coming from? Why the praises amidst the maladministration, appalling corruption amongst others that accompanied his notorious reign in government?

A former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi once pointed out that the biggest challenge political office holders face in Nigeria is always being told lies through praise-singing. They are never told the truth, maybe perhaps they don’t read newspapers or allowed to assess independent media. This is true, this is why genuine leaders with genuine intentions always get out of their way to get honest assessments from the common man on the street where possible.

Uzodinma is a crook masquerading as a leader who exhibits tokenism just to get the praise of the people. He is obviously not worthy of those praises so they have created a resolve in him to perpetually misgovern without repentance or having a conscience with guilt. To him right now, everything happens at his beck again. There’s this erroneous thinking that the leaders are the owners of the resources they manage. So, for Uzodinma and his likes, the exhibition of tokenism is perhaps a way of life, the people praise and pray for them to continue in office because of their perceived ‘kind’ gesture. This is the height of ignorance and the most annoying of it all. That particular video was such a sorry watch. How can these people advise the Governor to change his ways when they have already given him the impression that he is the best thing to have happened to the state? It is illogically impossible by every measure.

So today, while Imo groans under terrible maladministration, a ‘leadership’ vacuum, poor infrastructure, a completely collapsed security architecture, and every ill that is associated with a failing society, Uzodinma is the government house being served his favourite meal – falsehood and propaganda from men without character and virtue whose only intent is self-aggrandisement. Uzodinma can only run, he can’t hide, he has a date with justice and for the members of his gang of wicked looters, posterity is waiting.



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