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Southeastern Governors: A Group Of Spineless Cowards

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The once peaceful Southeast is under siege today!

The consequences of the leadership vacuum which was ignorantly created by a bunch of lily-livered men parading the various government houses in the Southeast are now felt by all and sundry.

The Igbo people, commonly known as Ndi Igbo are renowned as courageous and ingenious, which is why they will forever remain a mystery how they simultaneously birthed a bunch of cowards as governors.

Today, Nigeria is crumbling like a pack of cards. She has failed her citizens by every measurable standard, which is why many Nigerians are increasingly losing faith in the centre and embracing regionalism. It is easy to say why; when people lose faith in the State, they take solace in the ‘tribe.’

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However, this is where the situation of the southeasterner is precarious. While Nigerians in other zones run into the waiting arms of their regions, the helpless southeasterner would run into the arms of regional leaders who are hell-bent on exchanging their only available abode for something less worthwhile.
The Southeast region comprises Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo. Its inhabitants are predominantly Igbo speaking and they share cultural similarities.

These people are ‘feared’ for their bravery and tenacity, as the courageous Ndi Igbo fear no foe nor cringe under adversity. Hence, it is quite regrettable that the people of the region are now governed by a bunch of riffraffs who are everything an Igbo man should not be or be associated with.

They quiver and shiver before their overlords in northern Nigeria, they cower and hide their faces when their people look up to them in the face of danger. They’re only good at issuing deflective and poorly worded Press Statements while the enemy plunders their backyard.

One may be tempted to ask, how did the southeast degenerate to this level?

A quick look at Abia State would reveal Okezie Ikpeazu, a backward-thinking moron that has sunk his State deeper into an abyss of maladministration ever since The Ngwa-born politician would score zero in every sincere leadership test. He is notorious for siphoning the State’s resources, leaving the State to wallow in under-development despite the huge revenue accruable to the oil-producing State.

His malfeasance climaxes with his horrible handling of the security situations in the State. The State popularly regarded as ‘God’s Own State’ can best be described as a sharp contrast of that sobriquet.

Marauding herdsmen have continued to wreak havoc on Abians while Ikpeazu shamelessly hides in the government house; perhaps because he needs to remain in the good books of the Fulani oligarchy running the anti-graft agencies as he elfishly loots Abia dry.

From Abia, a brief stop at Enugu would bring you face to face with Governor Ifeanyi Ugwanyi, who though hasn’t been governing the State badly hasn’t done much to speak up for his people when it mattered most.

How he poorly managed the forest guard he established even after being advised to disband and key into the already existing community policing structure comes to mind.

His nonchalant attitude would continue to put the lives of Enugu people in jeopardy as he continues to echo ‘Enugu is the hands of God’ while allowing criminal elements to run amok and wreak havoc in the state.

Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State is simply a stooge. For a weakling like the Omuna-born politician, breaking free from the shackles of the powers in Abuja that imposed him on the State would be the most difficult assignment.

Uzodinma has spent more days in Abuja than in Imo state this year, while his people are being targeted, maimed, and butchered. Uzodinma would rather feel at home in Abuja frolicking and lavishing Imo’s scarce resources on frivolities.

In his desperate quest to please his king makers, Uzodinma claimed that President Buhari and the Security Agents are capable of protecting the lives and property of Ndi Igbo, in spite of the endless killings, rapes, and destruction of farm crops by the Fulani herdsmen.

Although he is too much of a coward to criticise these atrocious acts, he is always prepared to fight dirty with his Party men and oppositions.

Whenever things go wrong in the State, he is quick to blame anybody else but those who are wrong. That is why he will accuse IPOB of a jailbreak and attack at the Police Headquarters one day, and switch over to accuse political opposition the next day.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of lives and properties of Ebonyi citizens, Dave Umahi hasn’t disappointed those who saw the danger in his romance with Buhari, which culminated in his defection to APC.

As opposed to the safety of Ebonyi and its inhabitants, he prefers to build bridges and flyovers, while ignoring the fact that one has to be alive to use flyovers.

Recently, 55 Ebonyi citizens were murdered in one night by Fulani herdsmen and again, Umahi could only offer Press Statements.

It is very pitiable and laughable that the same Governor, who praises Buhari’s failed government, has been in tears for days due to the massacre of Ebonyi indigenes by the blood-sucking Fulani herdsmen.

The drunkard in Agu Awka (Anambra Seat of Power) – Willie Obiano is not even worth a second of anyone’s time, as he has long placed a price tag on the lives of Ndi Anambra.

Obiano already told the bloodthirsty Fulani herdsmen that they can take as many Anmabra lives as possible, provided they have 500,000 naira in their kitty to pay per head.


His pact with Buhari in 2017 to retain his position after mismanaging Anambra for 4 years seems to have castrated him further, if there was anything to be castrated in the first place.


What are the southeastern Governors using security votes for? As a matter of fact, some of them pocket as much as 1.5 Billion naira monthly as security votes.

Why they are not utilising them to provide security for the people remains a mystery. Rather than channel it to the right quarters, they prefer using it to impress the powers in Aso Rock and lining their pockets with the rest.

It is very safe to say that these governors use their security votes for things other than security. Why are the Southeastern governors this greedy and selfish?

On ‘Ebube Agu’ one can only say ‘Good Morning’ to the southeastern governors. They finally woke up from their pitiful slumber to create the security outfit.

But then, it appears quite late as they have lost touch with the people they superintend over. Like the fictitious biblical story of the Israelites, they have waited for Moses for too long and moved on.

On the other hand, It is a pity that Southeastern governors did not boldly come out to establish ‘Ebube-Agu’ because of Igbos massacred by the Fulani herdsmen who went to rampage to destroy farm crops and rape our women.

They are just waking up because of the ‘unknown gunmen.’ Perhaps, the fear of unknown gunmen is the beginning of wisdom!


Governors from other regions, no matter their political parties, boldly criticise the killing of their indigenes. But governors from the Southeast prefer to please Buhari’s government.

They are so insensitive that they do not care about the lives of their citizens. In their desperate quest for power, they have totally lost what makes them Igbo men.

There is a popular Igbo saying that ‘Onye ndiro gbara gburugburu n’eche ndu ya nche mgbe nine;’ meaning, one who is surrounded by enemies protects his life at all times.

With this in mind, why then is it too difficult for the governors of the southeast region to ‘man’ up?

Would the heavens fall if they ban open grazing in the region and insist on ranching, and ensure it is enforced even if it could cost them their political careers?

Would anything happen if they use their security votes to fine-tune an effective community policing system that would forestall crime, rather than wait for the perpetrators of the crime to succeed, and then react with innocuous Press Statements?

Indeed, too many questions, very few answers.




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