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Adavinn Inn, Emekuku-Owerri: Hospitality At Its Finest

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Adavinn Inn and hotel is an accomodating resort and food haven in every sense of the word. Located at Umuocham-Azaraowalla Road, Emekukwu.

Owned and managed by Chief Joseph Ekeh and International entrepreneur, Adavinn inn features a state of the art kitchen and restaurant that serves a majority of local dishes like Ugba, it is a salad of sorts that is eaten by Eastern Nigerians, especially at ceremonial occasions and events especially in the Southeastern part of the State. Adavinn serves one of the best assorted Ugba delicacies with assorted stockfish and meat.

Their top-notch chefs also prepare other wonderful delicacies like egusi soup which is perfectly combined with pumpkin leaves or spinach and red palm oil and garnished with stockfish to give a thick yet easy-going feel. They also have delicacies like Okro (Okra) Soup, Okra and Spinach with dried fish or stockfish, chicken or assorted meat.

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They also have soups like Oha soup, Ofe Owerri which is a tasty Nigerian soup which is native to Igbos from Imo State, South-eastern Nigeria especially those from Owerri which is the state capital. Then they have Bitterleaf soup, this soup is prepared with thoroughly washed bitter leaves to ensure that it doesn’t taste bitter as the name may imply. Cocoyam can be used to make it thick as well as dry or stockfish. Stewed meat can enhance the taste too.

Adavinn inn also offers intercontinental dishes from various  European and Asian countries.

Featuring a 24-hour front desk, this property also welcomes guests with a restaurant and a terrace. The accommodation units come with ultra-modern flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, state-of-the-art refrigerators, a kettle, a hot tub, free toiletries and a desk. The inn also offers certain units that have pool views, and every room includes a private bathroom with a bath. The rooms also include a wardrobe. A continental or local buffet breakfast is available each morning at the property.




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