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Imo Attack Sponsored By Politicians, Not IPOB – Uzodinma

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The Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma on Wednesday stated that the attack on security facilities in the state is the handiwork of aggrieved politicians and not members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).

Uzodinma made this assertion when he spoke on Channels Television’s Politics Today which was monitored by The Eastern Updates.

According to him, the tactics of the disgruntled politicians was that at first, they would try to identify grievances of people in a particular area and used them to achieve political gains.

He said if it is in Imo State and ‘probably there are some IPOB people who are not happy, they hire hoodlums from outside Imo State, they bring them in pretending to be IPOB and they commit these crimes and they go away.’

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He said IPOB members were never those who carried out the attack, but that those who did were from outside Imo.

Uzodinma stated that the aim of the aggrieved politicians was to destabilise the government of APC.

He said he had done some thorough investigation and that he had some credible lead as to those who were sponsoring activities of these hoodlums.

‘It is not only on my government, it is both on my government and the Federal Government. We have credible evidence leading to those who paid the hoodlums, where they met, and how they met. Security agencies are already working with this information,’ he said.

Uzodinma added that some people were trying to sponsor a synchronise national crisis to bring the government of Muhammadu Buhari to disrepute.

‘Otherwise tell me why these things are happening at this time, particularly in Imo, APC state?

‘People are sponsoring these people. Some of them already caught have made confessional statements. I am going to forward my report to the central government,’ he said.



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