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Ogbuagu-Coup: Imo State Assembly Splits In Two

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Last week’s upheaval in the Imo State House of Assembly which saw Honourable Uche Ogbuagu’s removal as Majority Leader has resurrected fresh schisms in the state’s legislative House.

Against predictions, the Member Representing Ikeduru State Constituency in the Imo Assembly was handed a vote of no confidence by the APC Majority caucus leading to his replacement by Honourable Dele Kananyo Onyemaechi of Owerri West.

Signs of divisive tendencies have erupted after the removal and changes after the teasons for his sack from the principal office, according to the Speaker, Paul Emeziem were given by the APC lawmakers in a letter.

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The Eastern Updates can authoritatively report that since that incident occurred last Thursday, fresh unpronounced altercations have been noticed around the Assembly complex.

Some reports have shown that some of the lawmakers are not happy with the treatment meted to Ogbuagu as they have kept conspiratorial silence over the matter.

It was exclusively learnt that despite the fact that the APC lawmakers collectively signed the No Confidence vote which the Speaker read out before Ogbuagu’s removal, many of them were not privy to the palace coup. Those not carried along but have their names included in the letter removing Ogbuagu are very bitter with the leadership of the House for what befell the former Majority Leader.

The lawmakers are said to be angry over how few of their colleagues who were expected to protect their interest, have turned saboteurs by working in tandem with the executive arm to undermine the interest of the legislators. The aggrieved lawmakers have also voiced out their grudges with the ring leaders who orchestrated Ogbuagu’s removal for not only giving the executive update of what happens in the House but playing a subtle role in the game plan.

The development has however ushered in a new feeling among the APC lawmakers who are said to be aggrieved and regretting what transpired last week.

The body language and verbal expression of many APC lawmakers in the House have shown that they are no longer comfortable with the role of the leadership who are pro- Uzodinma and against the welfare of the House members. The aggrieved lawmakers are also reported to have formed a clique to oppose the excesses of the Uzodinma’s die-hards in the state Assembly.

What may have exacerbated the crisis of confidence among the APC members is the new belief that those who left their various parties to join the ruling party and give Uzodinma support may be on losers’ game if what has happened to Ogbuagu is considered.

Another factor that has instituted trouble in the House is the inability of the masterminds to have one of the Mbaise lawmakers become Ogbuagu’s successor. When the issue was concluded, the two APC lawmakers of Mbaise extraction; Honourables Eddy Obinna and Samuel Otuibe of Aboh and Ahiazu respectively left PDP to APC after their kinsman, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha was removed from office. The lawmakers had expected the Majority Leader post as compensation for dumping their brother but were denied the chance. The denial handed to them further fuelled the fresh antagonism. One of the lawmakers told a confidant that most of them who joined the party to offer support to the administration of Uzodinma are having a rethink. Although The Eastern Updates couldn’t decode the next move but speculations are rife that a deep gulf among members has been created in the Imo Assembly.



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