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Untold Stories Why APC Lawmakers Moved Against Uche Ogbuagu

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A surprise development broke the peace of the graveyard in the Imo State House of Assembly last week when the state lawmakers in an unceremoniously dethroned the majority leader, Honourable Uche Ogbuagu.

Ogbuagu became Majority Leader of the House when there was slight change in the leadership structure after the former, Rt Honourable Okey Olekanma resigned when the PDP governor Rt Honourable Emeka Ihedioha was dropped from Government House, Owerri in January, 2020. After from crossing over to APC from PDP, Ogbuagu became the Majority Leader until last week Thursday’s surprise package which was handed to him.

The Eastern Updates learnt that the member representing Ikeduru State Constituency was absent and oblivious of the ploy in play when those he was supposed to lead moved into the chamber for his removal. On the floor, the APC members who from the Majority caucus in the House submitted to Speaker Paul Emeziem, a letter removing Ogbuagu. In his place, Hon Dele Onyemaechi (Dele) was nominated to emerge the new Leader.

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Information available to The Eastern Updates has it that Ogbuagu’s removal was the climax of cold war ravaging the House leadership before this episode. It was gathered that all was not well with the key officials of the Imo Assembly who were at daggers-drawn.

Even as full details why the push against the comedian cum legislator was not made public, The Eastern Updates’ investigation has it that the trouble against the Ikeduru lawmakers arose after the announcement of the 2021 Budget proposal.

Though, there were other factors that were responsible for his ouster from the office, what transpired at the executive session when the budget was presented by Governor Hope Uzodinma gave Ogbuagu away. It was further gathered that the Ikeduru lawmaker reportedly complained at the Executive Session of the House that the budget figure was on the high side, an expression that didn’t go down well with the powers that be. He was accused to have reliqiunshed his obligations to represent the full interest of the executive arm rather than complain against the figure presented by the Governor.

According to sources, this development pitched him against other pro Uzodinma colleagues where he was also accused to have over-reacted in the matter.

Unknown to Ogbuagu, the said incident was reported to Government House, Owerri who took note of his attitude and started observing him carefully. Subsequently he became a suspect in the midst of APC Lawmakers.

The Eastern Updates was also informed that despite switching over to APC from PDP, the powers that control APC affairs in Imo State never wanted him closer to power to avoid the experience those who related with him in the field of politics had experienced in the past. Recall that when Rochas Okorocha came into power in 2011, Uche Ogbuagu was appointed Chief Comedian and SA in Entertainment. But the romance couldn’t survive more than two years when the comedian came up with the famous ‘Ka Opuo’ anthem against his former master in 2015 governorship election. In 2019 election, but for the assistance of the former governor of the PDP extraction, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, it would have been difficult for Ogbuagu to get the party’s ticket before election. But when the Supreme Court decided Uzodinma won, Ogbuagu started singing his usual canary against his former benefactor, Ihedioha. He went further to dump PDP for APC.

Further information has also shown that the administration of Governor Hope Uzodinma became cautions about dealing with Ogbuagu and associating with him despite his pledges of allegiance. Sources in the Assembly disclosed that the Ogbuagu-phobia by the government of the day made them to use Deputy Majority Leader, Honourable Emeka Nduka and Nwaneri to do their bids. In some cases, motions and Bills from the executive that were within the powers of Majoity Leader to present were transferred to others.

For Honourable Uche Ogbuagu, it would be best if he retreats and licks his wounds because the present administration has dealt their hand against him.


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