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Food Blockade: A Blessing In Disguise — Igbo Group

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Igbo Youth socio-cultural group, Igbo Youth Movement (IYM) has lambasted the North for the recent food blockade to the south, saying it was not only a wake-up call to the south but a blessing in disguise that will bring out the best of the region.

The group described what is going on as ‘The calm before the storm‘ cautioning that unless the issue of restructuring and true federalism is put in practice the country would experience no genuine peace.

In a press statement made available to newsmen, signed by the founder of the group Evang. Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, it noted that the deafening silence of the political class in the face of the serious danger that looms is unhelpful and bumpy.

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Part of the statement reads ‘The deafening silence of the political class and the elite club, in the light of the grave abnormalities enveloping the land, is worrisome. Could it mean resignation out of anger, frustration, and disappointment? Could the deadly silence be out of fear and apprehension? Whatever, the silence is unhelpful and uncomfortable.

‘Never before in the history of this country, has frightening insecurity, crippling poverty, and ethnic divisions become so intertwined, intermingled, and interwoven to the extent that despair and fear of tomorrow has become the major discussion at every small gathering from Maiduguri to Lagos, Sokoto to Calabar, and Katsina to Port Harcourt.

‘School teachers, civil servants, market women, farmers, artisans, and students, nobody understands exactly what’s going on. School children are abducted in their hundreds, food trucks are blocked from going South, technically-defeated Boko haram seized and holds on to Dikwa for a whole week, and successfully commandeering costly military trucks and other quite expensive equipment from our Army every other week.

‘Ethnic militias, armed bandits, ruthless herdsmen, and kidnappers dominate the news. Every nationality in every region fighting back from fright over the silence of the Presidency on the very deep claim by the Fulani that they own every inch of Nigeria’s soil. The silence of Aso Rock over that frightening claim by the Fulani and the backlash it created, threw up a new Nigeria nobody ever imagined.

‘A Nigeria where the Yoruba nation begins to raise money for the new superhero, Sunday Igboho, a disturbing new Nigeria where skirmishes between the army and security, network lead to fighter jets being drafted to Orlu, an emerging Nigeria where every man runs under the canopy of, and defends his region, religion and ethnic nationality, while still pretending we are nationalists’.

The statement in its sad observation about the reality of present Nigeria’s condition noted further that “We turn a blind eye to the sad fact that travel advisories are issued against our country that no foreign investor will draw near a country everybody is advised to stay away from.



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