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Inclusion Of Women In Politics Is Very Important – SA Diaspora

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The Special Adviser to the Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs, Honourable Cllr Osakwe-Hibbert has quipped in on the advantages and the importance of female-inclusion in the political sector.

Speaking at a political symposium at the Isu Local Government Area, Imo State she spoke to a gathering of APC party members comprising of men and women about the importance of giving women a chance at politics.

She admonished women to try to take a bold step and make a foray into politics either on the Local Government level or on the State Government level. She also advised fellow women to try to throw in their full supports for other women who are gunning for political positions.


Using the theory of numbers in politics and making a reference to her councillorship race in the Penn ward of the United Kingdom, she talked about how women can always conquer their opponents as long as they come together to support their fellow woman because they are more in number. She also talked about the advantages of aggressive campaigning with women at the forefront of these campaigns.

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She also talked about the advantages of bringing youths from eighteen years and above into mainstream politics in Imo State. She listed the advantages of better Youth representation in these political meetings.

Highlighting the advantages of Governor Hope Uzodinma’s shared prosperity Government, she detailed the importance of inclusive politics that would be an umbrella to men, women, youths, disabled citizens and other naturalised indigenes from far and wide. She also revealed that the plan of the Government was to make sure that this ‘prosperity’ reaches everyone in the State irrespective of gender and social class.





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