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Organize Referendum Or We Pay Any Price For Freedom – Kanu

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The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has renewed his call for a referendum in Nigeria while reiterating that the adoption of referendum is the only panacea to solving Nigeria’s ethnic problems.

Kanu in a statement through the media and publicity secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful explained that it will afford the people the opportunity to come together to decide on their coexistence.

He said ‘There is only one universally acknowledged solution to the problems bedeviling One Nigeria, it is called Referendum. This will enable and more importantly give undesirable the various ethnic nationalities the choice to decide whether or not they wish to continue their coexistence or not’.

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Kanu while alleging that the northerners are afraid of the referendum, however, promised them that they would be accommodated in the arrangement.

‘I understand the fear and apprehension of ethnic groups in Arewa core North. We would like to reassure them that Biafra won’t abandon them. The Biafra project is designed to set every oppressed group within Nigeria free, not just the long-suffering people of the East.

‘A referendum or plebiscite remains the best tool to determine the fate of the masses not the dictates of half educated semi-literate, corrupt politicians in Abuja.

‘We agree with most of the germane issues raised at the webinar conference organized yesterday by Nzuko Umunna which further exposed some of the atrocities committed against Biafrans in the genocidal war 51 years ago. This was purely to let them know that we have not forgotten what they did to our fathers and mothers between 1966 and 1970‘.

While recalling the Webinar conference organized by the Nzuko Umunna on Thursday, Kanu warned Nigerian leaders, maintaining that the youths are still angry over their bad leadership.

‘From the sensible contributions of eminent Nigerians in that gathering, it’s now obvious to the Fulani ruling cabal running the country that no one is happy with what is happening. Those frank observations emanated from the few prominent and respected Nigerians including politicians and religious leaders.

‘This is a reminder to those thinking that they have pocketed Nigeria to stop living in self-delusion. The youths of Nigeria are rising to rescue the country from those who have taken it hostage. Biafra will soon bid farewell to the contraption and no force can stop this divine movement.

‘IPOB is perfecting arrangement to ensure that Biafra is restored without another war but if our oppressors refuse to heed our calls for referendum, then they will later realize that IPOB is determined to pay whatever sacrifice to free our people from this bondage.



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