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Ohanaeze Presidential Election: Igbo Group Endorses Asoluka

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As the race for the new leader of the apex Socio-political group, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo thickens, alliances are being structured as the candidates begin to reveal their mandates. This is why the Owerri Zone socio-political group has passed a vote of confidence on one of the candidates who has proven himself to be the most deserving of all candidates, Honourable Chris Chigoziri Asoluka (Ph.D.).

The group which is an international and local-based socio-political group made up of Owerri indigenes in Nigeria and in the diaspora which advocates for good governance in Imo State has unanimously endorsed Dr Chris Asoluka for his wonderful educational background, his achievements in the Nigerian political scene and his humanitarian activities in his local community and in the State at large.

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The Group’s Spokesman, Chief Barrister Better Ekeh confirmed this to The Eastern Updates in an exclusive media chat.

Chief Ekeh had this to say, ‘Dr Chris Asoluka is the best candidate so far for the job, he understands the struggles of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria, and knows exactly how to ensure that our people are liberated from every marginalisation.’

‘Dr Asoluka will not sell out like some supposedly Igbo leaders now do today because he understands the traditions of Ndi Igbo, and that is why Owerri Zone Group is endorsing him. We want someone who can fully represent the interests of Ndi Igbo and fight for the Igbo cause consciously not someone who’ll take advantage of the position of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo President to amass wealth for himself, and we have checked amongst all the candidates vying for the position, Dr Asoluka is the best candidate for the job so far, and that is why Owerri Zone Group is advocating for his election.’

Dr Chris Asoluka is a literary genius, recipient of numerous awards, recognitions, captain of industry who has called the shots; influenced the decisions of major industries, organisations, and business companies in Nigeria.



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