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Barr. Willie Amadi Clarifies Stance On Imo State AJCL Law

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As more political pundits in Imo state challenge the legibility and authenticity of the newly signed Imo State Administration of Criminal Justice Law (ISAJCL), the Federal Commissioner representing Imo state in the Public Complaints Commission Nigeria, Barrister Willie Amadi who recently reacted to the signing of the new law has come out to clarify his stance and opinion on the new law.

He spoke to the hosts of the ’60 Minutes Live’ show hosted in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

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Barrister Willie Amadi opined that the bill was a wonderful piece of the legislature while commending its intricate details.

He also blasted the lawmakers who sponsored the bill including the main sponsor of the bill stating that they were very careless with it.

‘You brought a bill, presented it to the house, it went through first and second reading.’

‘When it came back from the committee for third reading, the bill and the committees’ report were circulated to all members of the assembly.’

‘The sponsor of the bill did not read it to see what input or output the committee would have made on the bill or did he expect it to have come out in the same form and manner.’

‘For him to say that the bill was tampred with shows that he is very indolent and myopic.’

He also condemned other lawmakers protesting against the bill for being hypocritical with legislative affairs in Imo state while praising the Governor for signing the bill to protect helpless and underage citizens in Imo state.

He also implored  lawmakers in the state, other members of the Imo State House of Assembly and other high ranking officials to carry out their duties with clarity and meticulousness to improve the standard of governance in the state.






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