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Gov Uzodinma To Reshuffle Cabinet To Accommodate APC Loyalists

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Nine months after being sworn-in as the Governor of Imo State, there are indications that Senator Hope Uzodinma has concluded plans to reshuffle his cabinet, with minor changes that will send some old faces out, and bring new ones on board.

The Eastern Updates learnt that the latest development is in fulfilment of the deal struck as part of the solution to the crisis rocking Imo APC that has two contesting factions of the party, with different State Chairmen.

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The Eastern Updates gathered that the cabinet reshuffle would not in any way appease former Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, it is in fact a ploy to “Bring In” some APC members in the State who have pleaded their loyalty to the Governor recently.

The Eastern Updates learnt that the cabinet reshuffle meant would be like killing two birds with one stone, as the Governor will use the opportunity to weed out some of his Aides who have not yet had a grip of their assignments, and also appoint new people.

The APC hierarchy in Abuja has informed Governor Uzodinma the essence of accommodating more people into his cabinet, as the story in Abuja has is that Governor Uzodinma used APC platform to win the election through the court, “only to dump APC members and stick with his immediate followers who are all PDP people”. The frequent trips to Abuja by Uzodinma was to have meetings with those who put him in office, as what they hear about Imo State is not palatable because the story is that Imo APC is “not in power in Imo State”.

With the latest news, sources said that there is apprehension and panic among Uzodinma’s appointees who have been privileged to learn about the impending cabinet reshuffle.

The Eastern Updates also gathered that Uzodinma may be bold enough to throw out some of the Commissioners who have performed under expectations and have been causing bad names for the Government. Sources said that there are some Ministries that Imo people have not heard of their Commissioner seven months after being in office, and such Commissioners should prepare for their exits.

It was also learnt that Uzodinma may use the reshufflement to cut down the number of his Aides, as the cost of paying the legion of his Aides is taking a toll on Imo coffers.

Governor Uzodinma, in a bid to patronise all those who worked for him, has one of the largest Cabinets in Nigeria today. The amount spent on these large Aides can help build projects for the State. The Governor may reduce the number during the coming reshuffle.



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