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Why Gov Uzodinma Needs Ararume Now More Than Ever

While oil prices continued to drop and Nigeria’s Economy keeps shrinking, the revenue generated by our dear country both from domestic and foreign investments could no longer finance Nigeria’s budget especially the funding of capital projects.

The experience, Contacts, Political Party and Capacity of who represents every constituency, zones and States at the center have become a very serious matter to State Governors across Nigeria

As for the case in Imo State where a senatorial bye-election is been expected anytime soon, it’s an opportunity for His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma to work with Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Araraume for the overall interest of Imo State


The facts are very clear if you look at the current Senators at the 9th Assembly, majority are former Governors, former ministers , 3rd to 4th term senators of the federal republic who can influence the executive to allocate projects and the little available funds to their State or Constituencies.

As the revenue generated by the federal government shrinks so will the revenue generated by state’s government drops and affects the effectiveness of the state Governor and his developmental plans.

If Senators from Imo state can use their contacts, reach, capacity and relationships with federal cabinet members to influence serious federal projects to Imo State, then our able governor will use the little funds available to our state to finance civil service salaries, education and health sectors and few infrastructures.

Look at these facts with a sincere heart and put jealousy and blackmails aside: Distinguished Senator Araraume left the senate in 2007 after 8 fruitful years of attracting heavy projects to Okigwe which includes but not limited to Roads, Electricity Substation, Federal Appointments to Imolites etc.

Despite leaving the Senate since 2007 Senator Araraume has continued to attract and ensure the financing of over 30 Nddc roads constructions within Imo State, he has influenced the federal appointments of lots of Imo State sons and daughters into lucrative boards, FCDA, NCC, Abuja Invest company, RMAFAC to name but a few.

Whether you agree with me or not, the projects and Federal appointments influenced and attracted to Ndi Imo State by Araraume have greatly reduced pressure on the successive state government and governor of Imo State in recent years.

One of the strongest alliances Governor Hope Uzodinma need to make now is with Senator Ifeanyi Araraume. It would be best if he sets aside political and personal differences if he really wants the best for Imo state.

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