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Obasanjo’s Meeting With S/E Govs Sought Stability — Ohanaeze

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The apex Igbo body, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has expressed optimism following discussions between Southeast governors and Nigeria’s former leader, Olusegun Obasanjo. This diplomatic engagement is perceived as a cornerstone for regional stability and peaceful coexistence.

The group credits Obasanjo’s visionary leadership for transforming the dialogue from a stalemate to a dynamic and productive exchange, paving the way for tangible outcomes.

A press statement issued by Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro explained that, “This meeting, attended by all South East Governors, signifies a reinvigorated commitment to address the various challenges that have plagued the region”.

“Former President Obasanjo, in the esteemed presence of Chief Emeka Anyaoku and HRM Igwe Alfred Achebe, has played a crucial role in rekindling the confidence and vigor of the Southeast Governors. Their collective wisdom and guidance have paved the way for a renewed focus on addressing the insecurity and violence that have threatened the fabric of the South East.

“It is with appreciation and recognition that Ohanaeze Ndigbo commends Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, and HRM Igwe Alfred Achebe for their instrumental contributions in bringing Former President Obasanjo to guide and mentor the Southeast Governors towards a path of collective responsibility in safeguarding the South East region. The unrelenting attacks on police and military checkpoints, as well as police stations in the Southeast, are representative of the urgent need for cohesive action and unity among the Governors”.

“The South East Governors, both seasoned and newly elected one year ago, are urged to work together to address the root causes of the security challenges in the region. The failure and inadequate funding of the South East Security regional outfit, “EBUBEAGU,” contributed towards security threats in the Southeast. Comparatively, the successful Southwest Security Regional Outfit “AMOTEKUN” serves as a model to emulate in terms of optimal funding and operational efficiency”.

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“Ohanaeze Ndigbo acknowledges the significance of local security measures and echoes Former President Obasanjo’s counsel to the Southeast Governors to prioritize the protection of lives and properties within the region. Collaboration with nonviolent agitators and individuals involved in the Biafra agitation is essential to discern and eliminate criminal elements disguising their activities under the guise of legitimate movements”.

They commended the South East Governors for their repentance and renewed dedication to fostering peace and security in the Southeast, “A crucial step towards sustainable peace would involve a reshuffle of security agency leadership, ensuring that individuals appointed possess a deep understanding of the region and a genuine commitment to its welfare”.

“Former President Obasanjo’s patriotic intervention and guidance have been instrumental in steering the Southeast Governors towards a more proactive stance in safeguarding the region. A collective defense of the Southeast, coupled with transparent assurances to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu regarding the peaceful resolution of Nnamdi Kanu’s situation, is paramount in charting a path towards harmony and stability”.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo stands ready to assist and support the Southeast Governors in their endeavors to restore peace and security in the region. It is through collaboration, transparency, and steadfast commitment that the Southeast can overcome its current challenges and thrive in unity”, the document added.

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