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Enugu: Mbah’s Land Policy Reforms Get Thumbs Up From Valuers

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Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah has received accolades from a team of estate surveyors and valuers for his remarkable achievements in revolutionizing land administration, enhancing security, and investing in critical infrastructure during his first year in office.

The experts stressed that a well-planned land policy and administration are essential for a nation’s growth, noting that no country has ever achieved development without a solid foundation in this critical area.

During a courtesy visit to the Government House in Enugu on Wednesday, the team from Ubosi Eleh and Co. extended an invitation to Governor Mbah to attend a workshop for estate surveyors and valuers in the city, while also commending him for his achievements.

Under the leadership of Emeka Eleh, the group highlighted Governor Mbah’s notable achievements, including the establishment of the Enugu State Geographic Information Services Law, anti-land grabbing legislation, and initiatives to rectify illegal property development practices, which collectively contribute to the state’s socioeconomic transformation.

Emeka Eleh acknowledged Governor Mbah’s achievements in positioning Enugu as a key business location in Nigeria and expressed optimism about the state’s 2024 budget, which prioritizes capital expenditure with a ₦414.3 billion allocation (79%) and recurrent expenditure with ₦107.2 billion (21%).


“Coming from a strong private sector background, we were delighted when you were elected, believing it would be a turning point for the state. The evidence of governance we see proves us right,” Eleh said.

“We often discuss the housing deficit without addressing the infrastructural deficit. We are glad you are tackling this head-on to add value to the lives of the people.

“We are also happy about your work in land administration and physical planning. We see how you are reorganising the city, ensuring adherence to regulations, and promoting better building practices for a more liveable city. This is commendable because Enugu must return to its former glory.

“We equally commend your efforts to expedite the issuance of Certificates of Occupancy. The Land Use Act empowers the governor in this area, and we are glad you are utilising this power.

“For those of us from this region, where business is a cornerstone of our lives, the issue of titling and Certificates of Occupancy is key. We are pleased you are also addressing land grabbing.

“You are just one year in, and a lot has happened. We can only imagine what the next three years hold. We are certain that Enugu is in good hands.”

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In response, Governor Mbah reiterated his commitment to positioning Enugu State as a premier destination for investment, business, tourism, and residential opportunities, fostering a conducive environment for growth.

Governor Mbah highlighted several initiatives aimed at enhancing the business environment, including the Enugu State Geographic Information Service, the New Enugu City project, extensive road construction, restoring water supply to the capital, land administration reforms, and harnessing the state’s power to regulate energy generation, transmission, and distribution.

“We are now able to generate 120 million litres of water daily, up from the occasional 2 million litres we inherited. We are addressing reticulation challenges to ensure water reaches everyone.

“We are also committed to achieving a 24-hour power supply. We were the first state to establish our Electricity Regulatory Commission and have rights devolved from the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). This allows us to regulate the entire electricity value chain in our state.

The governor expressed his commitment to streamlining business operations, declaring Enugu’s readiness to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with the private sector, with a specific focus on land-related investments.

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