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Abia: Otti Mulls Manual To Digital, Revolutionized Economy

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Governor Alex Otti is thinking big, aloud. The Abia State helmsman announced a plan to revolutionize the state’s economy, with a goal to transform Abia into a digital hub, positioning it for long-term success.

According to Otti, this move will have far-reaching benefits for the state and its people.

“we are preparing Abia state for that next century”, he said.

At the “Dr. Alex Otti Speaks to Abians” media chat, the governor shared his ambitious plans to propel Abia State into the digital age. He announced the forthcoming appointment of a Chief Information Technologist, responsible for driving the state’s digital transformation through the deployment of high-speed broadband technology, currently in its final stages of development.

Now that he’s found his footing, Governor Alex Otti is poised to tackle the big-ticket items on his agenda. Infrastructure development, education reform, healthcare improvement, agricultural growth, and security enhancement are all top priorities, and he’s determined to make a real difference in the lives of Abians.

Governor Otti knows that connectivity is the backbone of a thriving economy, and he’s determined to leave no corner of Abia State behind. In the coming months, he’s vowed to extend his infrastructure revolution to every last nook and cranny of all 17 local government areas.

The state’s road network is undergoing a significant transformation, with the Ministry of Works rehabilitating 90 roads through direct labor. The achievements so far include 16 fully reconstructed roads and 16 ongoing projects that will add a substantial 165 kilometers of modern roadways to the state’s infrastructure.

His words: “All we are aiming at is that Wherever you are, you can have access to data concerning Abia state. Government’s plans to digitally transform the Abia economy and boost technology in the state would be heralded by the broadband technology which would provide access to Internet”.

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Governor Otti is breathing new life into Abia State’s healthcare system, with a comprehensive overhaul of its hospitals. All general hospitals are being retrofitted with modern facilities, while primary healthcare centers are being upgraded in phases. Plus, he’s teamed up with Abians abroad to build a cutting-edge Medical Village, poised to become a hub for world-class healthcare.

Governor Otti is prioritizing agriculture to ensure food security for Abia State. He’s taking concrete steps to develop the sector, starting with training 300 Abians from across the state in various agricultural value chains at CSS Farms in Nasarawa State. This initial batch of trainees will pave the way for a more productive and sustainable agricultural sector.

After mastering their skills, each trainee will receive support to set up their own farms, becoming employers and contributors to the local economy. Moreover, they’ll be encouraged to share their knowledge with other farmers, creating a multiplier effect that will spread agricultural best practices throughout the state.

Governor Otti’s administration is collaborating with industry players to transform Abia State’s agricultural landscape. By partnering in palm oil, cocoa, rice, and other value chains, they’re working towards a common goal: ensuring food security and self-sufficiency for the state.

The governor reiterated his administration’s commitment to tackling security challenges head-on, particularly in the wake of the tragic killing of five soldiers at Obikabia Junction. He pledged to spare no effort in identifying and bringing to justice all individuals connected to the incident, sending a strong message that violence will not be tolerated in Abia State.

“Operation Crush is more poised now to deal decisively with criminal elements in the state.Nobody connected with this crime will be left unpunished,” he assured.

When asked about promotions, conversions, and confirmations for civil servants, Governor Otti assured that he has instructed the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and the Head of Service to thoroughly review the matter and give it the attention it deserves.

“At the last EXCO meeting, I had instructed the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and the Head of Service to sit down and look at promotions and the like and from report that I got I think the last time promotions were done was in 2021 so that throws up quite some challenges. At least, let’s look at it and see what we can do. So, we are not ignoring it. But you must also admit that a lot of things went wrong just like every other sector,” Gov. Otti stated.

The governor stressed that his administration is focused on enhancing the welfare of civil servants, demonstrated by the consistent payment of salaries and pensions. He also vowed to settle the outstanding leave allowances, underscoring the government’s commitment to the well-being of its workers.

“We are now looking at Minimum wage for civil servants . My understanding of leave allowances is that they are due when you go on leave. We don’t have any problem paying people who are going on leave. If there are arrears that have not been paid,” he said

Governor Otti defended the suspension of Dr. Ngozi Okoronkwo, stating that it’s essential to investigate serious allegations against a public official, ensuring that the public’s trust is maintained and that accountability is upheld.

The governor announced that a task force has been formed to look into the allegations against the appointees, noting that upon completion of their investigation, their recommendations will be presented and appropriate action will be taken.

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