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Imo Schools Step Up Vigilance As Cholera Cases Rise

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A cholera outbreak scare has sent shockwaves through Imo state, and schools are scrambling for solutions at this point, implementing drastic measures to protect their students and staff from the waterborne threat.

As cholera’s deadly footprint expands across the state, schools are mobilizing defenses, launching preemptive strikes to protect their students and staff from the rampaging disease.

As the state struggles to bring the cholera outbreak under control, a sense of trepidation has taken hold among educational stakeholders, who remain unconvinced by Commissioner Prosper Ohayagha Success’s assurances, and are demanding more decisive action.

Bethel Seminary School in Umudibia Nekede, Owerri, has joined the fight against cholera, alerting its students and staff to the looming threat and exhorting them to take proactive steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Rector Henry Afuta moved swiftly to address the cholera threat, convening a special session on Sunday, where medical experts Dr. Okere and Dr. Francisca Ijeoma Osuji empowered the school community with the knowledge to prevent the disease’s spread.

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According to him, the lecture which will take place on Thursday at 7:30 am in the school chapel “is mandatory for all staff and students.”

The move comes as cholera outbreaks have been reported in various parts of the country, including Imo State.

Cholera is a highly infectious and deadly disease, and prompt action is necessary to prevent its spread, he said.

“By taking proactive steps, Bethel Seminary School aims to ensure the safety and well-being of its students and staff.”

He emphasized the gravity of the situation, imploring all to take immediate action and safeguard their well-being.

With a soothing balm of calm, Dr. Prosper Ohayagha has quashed anxieties about a potential cholera outbreak, disclosing that test results from all 27 local government areas have come back negative.

“When we heard of the report of the 28 suspected cases in the 27 LGAs, we did a test and came out negative. We don’t have any outbreak yet, it was a suspected case,” Dr. Ohayagha the press.

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