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Abia State Declared Cholera-Free By Health Ministry

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Abia State has been declared cholera-free, according to government officials. A total of 109 suspected cases in six LGAs between January and June 2024 were tested, and fortunately, all were confirmed negative, alleviating fears of a potential outbreak.

In response to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control’s (NCDC) warning about a cholera outbreak sweeping the nation, the Abia State Ministry of Health has released a comprehensive report covering January to June 2024. The update provides a clear picture of the state’s cholera status.

State health officials, Elezuo Elezuo, Epidemiologist, and Dr. Orie Agomuo, Director of Public Health and Disease Control, revealed that six local government areas reported a total of 109 suspected cholera cases between January and June 2024.

The affected areas include Ohafia, Ikwuano, Osisioma, Bende, Arochukwu, and Umunnochi, with the latter two accounting for the majority of cases.

The ministry’s investigation took a surprising turn when rapid diagnosis testing (RDT) revealed that only two out of the 109 reported cases actually tested positive, a drastic reduction in the number of confirmed cases.

Further investigation by the Abia State Ministry of Health led to the surprising discovery that the two initial positive cases were actually cholera-free, as confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory in Abuja, effectively dismissing any concerns of a cholera outbreak in the state.

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Nonetheless, prevention and rapid response measures have been put in place by the ministry to ensure that Abia remains cholera-free.

The state government cautioned residents about roadside foods and also urged them to maintain personal hygiene, avoid drinking untreated water, and cook their foods well before eating.

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