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Scientist Urges Farmers To Reduce Fertiliser Dependence

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As the specter of food scarcity looms large, Professor Mabel Ifeoma Onwuka, a distinguished soil scientist, is championing climate-resilient farming techniques that empower rural farmers to protect the environment, boost their harvests, and ensure a stable food supply for the nation.

Speaking at the All Farmers Association of Nigeria’s 2024 exhibition, Professor Onwuka raised concerns about the widespread misuse of chemical fertilizers, highlighting the devastating impact on soil quality and the alarming risk of water pollution that comes with it.

Professor Onwuka pinpointed a plethora of environmental villains contributing to climate change, including the rampant burning of bushes, reckless deforestation, irresponsible waste management, and the negligent flaring of gas, all of which imperil our planet’s delicate ecosystem.

Professor Onwuka urged all Nigerians to embrace eco-friendly practices, particularly climate-resilient agriculture, to minimize their carbon footprint and mitigate the devastating effects of environmental degradation.

As Professor Onwuka lamented the alarming rates of food insecurity and soil degradation in South-East Nigeria, she urged every household to establish their own home gardens and micro-farms, providing a buffer against the skyrocketing costs of food staples in the market.

Earlier in his remark, Prof. Ike Nwachukwu of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture expressed worries that Abia State is not producing enough food for its domestic consumption but mostly depends on Benue State and the Middle Belt for food supply.

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Prof. Nwachukwu who warned that the inability of Abia State to feed itself portends danger to the state and the Southeast region, urged government at all levels to take agriculture seriously and encourage young people to embrace farming to ensure food security.

Nwachukwu who further described agriculture as a goldmine, lamented that the Southeast is not producing anything significant, insisting that they are more at risk of food crisis.

In his words: “It is time to shun politics, take advantage of agricultural institutions in Abia state and make farming a worthwhile venture to ensure food security in southeast and Nigeria at large.”

Members of AFAN in Abia State pledged to harness the transformative power of agricultural innovations, collaborating with institutions to drive productivity, enhance yields, and propel the farming community forward.

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