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NALDA Empowers Farmers With Inputs To Enhance Food Production

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In a move to uphold the availability of essential food commodities in Nigeria amidst diminishing global resources and food shortages, the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has allocated agricultural inputs to farmers in Abia State, found in the South-East, and in Kebbi and Yobe states, located in the North-West region of Nigeria.

Participants approved for the program were provided with premium-grade fertilizers, herbicides, and advanced maize seeds tailored for deployment in Abia and Yobe states. Conversely, individuals in Kebbi obtained superior rice seeds to enhance agricultural productivity.

Paul Ikonne, the executive secretary of NALDA, spearheading the delegation in Abia State, emphasized that the provisions aimed to support farmers nationwide, facilitating enhanced crop cultivation for amplified yields and bolstered food production.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday, Ikonne highlighted that the program was a continuation of the government’s directive to encourage self-sufficiency among Nigerians by promoting domestic production to meet consumption needs and ensuring the accessibility of cost-effective food options.

‘The essence of what we’re doing is to ensure Nigerians understand the importance of farming, make sure we produce what we eat and reduce the price of food in the market. We are expecting nothing less than 340 hectares to be cultivated by these farmers.

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‘NALDA will continue to support with agricultural inputs regularly, the contact details of all the beneficiaries have been captured in the agency’s database for follow-up assistance and more farmers will be added to the list from time to time,’ he said.

NALDA’s finance chief, Suleiman Lawal, spearheading the Yobe venture, foresees that within the ensuing three to four months, the outcomes of this endeavor will drive a substantial reduction in the market prices of food staples.

Residents hailing from six districts within the state – Bade, Yusufari, Jakusko, Nguru, Karasuwa, and Machina – were enlightened on optimal fertilizer application methods to enhance agricultural output, alongside receiving aid..

‘The NALDA empowerment programme is in line with President Bola Tinubu’s directive to NALDA to reach out to farmers across the country to ensure they produce food while helping the country achieve food sufficiency.

Habibu Aliyu, a Kebbi State rice cultivator, hailed NALDA’s intervention as opportune, noting the previous challenges in accessing fertilizers. He pledged to make the most of the support, ensuring its effective utilization in his farming endeavors.

Expressing her gratitude, Azeezat Jimoh, a key female representative of the Yoruba Community in Abia State, conveyed appreciation to the government for their supportive gesture, vowing to channel collective efforts towards bolstering food production endeavors.

As a reminder, President Tinubu’s declaration of a food emergency spurred NALDA into action, as they seek to reinforce the government’s food security objectives through an empowerment initiative designed to mitigate the challenges posed by escalating living costs.

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