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Pro-Biafra Group Calls For End Of Human Trafficking

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In a bid to stem the tide of teenage trafficking and sexual exploitation, the Indigenous People of Biafra rally for a united front, seeking to protect the vulnerable youth of the South-East region from these devastating human rights abuses.

A chilling phenomenon has come to light, with videos surfacing of South-East teenage girls being trafficked to Ghana for sexual exploitation, prompting the Indigenous People of Biafra to sound the alarm on this appalling issue.

Emma Powerful, IPOB’s media representative, issued a statement on Saturday, reiterating the organization’s strong opposition to all forms of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, upholding their dedication to safeguarding human dignity.

The statement read partly, “The noble family and movement of IPOB calls for collective actions to stop the trafficking of teenagers, both girls and boys.

“We believe that the trafficking of innocent and ignorant teenage girls from Nigeria to Ghana, to other African countries, Europe, and American countries for prostitution is an international cartel that needs the collaboration of inter-country security and other international agencies to tackle.

“These teens were trafficked through land borders in connivance with the security agencies at borders and checkpoints. We call on Nigerians and Ghanaians to arrest and prosecute the human traffickers.

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The Indigenous People of Biafra has reaffirmed its zero-tolerance stance on sexual exploitation and human trafficking, stressing the vital importance of Igbo girls to the community’s future. IPOB pledges to confront perpetrators head-on, treating them as threats to the Ndigbo people’s well-being.

“IPOB is against any form of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Igbo girls are important for productive procreation among Ndigbo. Those trafficking these Igbo girls and those using them as sex slaves locally and internationally are enemies of Ndigbo and must be treated as such.”

IPOB’s leadership has put out a global alert, mandating its coordinators to actively search for and report any instances of Igbo teenagers being subjected to sexual exploitation, paving the way for decisive action against perpetrators.

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