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Gov Nwifuru Gives Ebonyi Pipe Production Company Facelift

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The Ebonyi State Government has announced the successful revitalization of the once-defunct Ezzamgbo Pipe Production Industry, a move that’s expected to spur economic development and create new opportunities for the people of Ebonyi State.

In another significant development, the Ebonyi State Government has confirmed that the revitalization of the Building Materials Industry is currently underway, with all necessary resources and materials already in place to ensure a successful overhaul.

In a press briefing, Commissioner Oguzor Offia Nwali of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Business Development highlighted the impressive accomplishments of his ministry over the past year, showcasing its significant impact on the state’s economic growth.

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According to him: “When I came on board as the ministry leader, one of the very first tasks I got from my principal was to resuscitate and revalidate the dilapidated pipe production industry.

The commissioner allegedly said that they had purchased the fundamental and essential machines required for the industry’s growth, including extrusion machines, which were a crucial factor in their accomplishments.

“We began its revival from scratch and with the unwavering support which culminated in financial approvals made by His Excellency, we procured essential and basic machines needed for the industry such as the extrusion machines which made it possible for us to get to where we are today.”

Following the greenlight for the installation of additional vital machinery, Commissioner Nwali confidently announced that the building materials industry is on track to be fully operational by the end of September 2024, marking a significant milestone in the state’s industrial development.

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