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Southeast: Amadi Blames Ineffective Governance For Insecurity

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Nigeria’s southeast region has yet to recover from the impact of insecurity, and Sam Amadi, director of the Abuja School of Social and Political Thoughts, believes the root cause lies in the country’s persistent governance deficits, which have created a fertile ground for instability.

To counter the debilitating effects of insecurity, Amadi advocates for grassroots initiatives that empower communities to take ownership of their fate and foster a culture of collective responsibility.

On Sunday, the ex-NERC boss took to his X handle to express his refusal to remain passive in the face of the escalating crisis, urging action to address the dire situation.

He suggested that the underlying factor contributing to the Southeast’s insecurity is the dearth of responsible leadership and effective governance in Nigeria.

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He said: “Insecurity in Southeast. There is no good governance in Nigeria. That’s the major cause of insecurity in the country.
“But we can mitigate such through quality community action. We cannot fold our hands & allow the ugly situation. If government fails the people should fail too.”

“Igwe bu ike. Ibu anyi ndanda”

“We shouldn’t relent. Let’s work together to end insecurity in the southeast. We cannot achieve our destiny as the pride of Africa if we are consumed by insecurity no matter the justification.

He posited that the re-establishment of security is inextricably linked to the implementation of accountable and transparent governance.

“Restoring security should go together with good governance.”

The southeastern region has been plagued by escalating insecurity for years, with the separatist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), exerting serious influence over the chaos, driven by their quest for independence.

The situation spiralled out of control, leading to a blanket Monday lockdown in several states, which has stifled economic growth and poses far-reaching consequences for the country’s economy.

While state governments struggle to maintain control, separatist groups remain a thorn in the side, instigating sporadic violence. In Enugu, Governor Mbah has issued an ultimatum, mandating market reopening on Mondays, with non-compliance set to incur severe consequences.

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