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Abia Doctor Cries Out After Soldiers Took Away Siblings

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A Nigerian medical doctor whose name has been given as Rose Agwu, has cried out for help after soldiers allegedly invaded her home in Abia State and arrested her 15-year-old brother and sister.

The Eastern Updates reports that Agwu, who resides near Obikabia Junction in the Aba area of the state, said the soldiers broke into her home and took away her siblings, sparing only her 72-year-old father at about 5 am on Friday.

She revealed this in a series of posts on her X handle yesterday.

According to Agwu, her siblings were taken without any information on their whereabouts or the reason for their arrest.

She stated, “Around 5 am in the morning, the Nigerian Army invaded my house, broke the gate and our door, and took my 15-year-old brother and my sister, who had just come home, away, leaving only my aged father.

“Till now, they have not been released. We are still trying to locate them. Please help us ask the Nigerian Army the logical reason behind this and how they can account for all the people they took and their plans for them.

“I don’t want to hear stories, please. This is how people go missing and get killed. Please release my siblings, they know nothing about the shooting or unknown gunmen, please.

This incident came after five soldiers were killed at an Army checkpoint in the Aba area of the state on Thursday.

Following the attack, the Nigerian military vowed that the killers would not go scot-free.

After 24 hours, Agwu, who noted that June 1 was her sister’s birthday, lamented that her siblings were still in custody.

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She stressed that her siblings’ rights were being abused by their unlawful detention.

She wrote, “At exactly this time 5 am yesterday while I was at the hospital running my Accident and Emergency shift and saving lives, the Nigerian army broke into my home, forced my 72-year-old father to sit in an unhealthy position while they took away my 15-year-old brother and sister.

“Till now my siblings have not been returned home. My family has been in panic and living in fear. The doors and gates were broken, no arrest warrant was shown, no official statement as to why they took my minor sibling or sister. This is not how justice is served!

“Children are experiencing something traumatic even to a grown adult. How will my siblings recover from this assault and abuse of their human rights?

“Today, June 1, is my sister’s birthday and she’s in Army custody for a crime she knows nothing about. My sister is unproblematic. My family has no relation to the crisis going on in the country. We are law-abiding citizens and mind our business but here we are.”

She called on the state governor, Alex Otti, to come to her family’s rescue and save her siblings.

“It’s my sister’s birthday today! A very traumatic birthday indeed. She’s being held by the Nigerian army who, without intelligence information, moved around arresting innocent law-abiding citizens living around where the attack on soldiers happened,” she stated.

Like Agwu, many residents near Obikabia Junction in the Aba area have gone online to raise the alarm after soldiers allegedly raided their homes and picked up young people.

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