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Solution FunCity To Put Anambra On Africa’s Tourism Map

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With a desire for a better future, Governor Soludo is spearheading a transformative agenda for Anambra: to create a dynamic hub of tourism, business, and economic growth, unlocking the state’s vast potential and propelling its people toward a brighter tomorrow.

Anambra is on the cusp of a tourism revolution, with this cutting-edge development expected to lure millions of visitors annually. By celebrating the state’s cultural treasures and world-class attractions, it’s set to cement its position as a premier destination.

Architect Ezenwa Chukwudi, a visionary leader and GSS Real Estate and Investment’s Executive Director, has made a bold assertion that’s resonating with industry insiders. With his expertise and innovative approach, he’s spearheading a new era of growth and development.

Governor Soludo has entrusted Architect Ezenwa with the prestigious Lot 1 contract, tasking him with transforming a visionary concept into a tangible reality.

Leveraging his exceptional design and development prowess, Ezenwa is spearheading the construction of a cutting-edge complex, replete with a water park, amusement park, family fun center, country club, and sports park.

Governor Soludo’s blueprint for Anambra is ambitious yet achievable: to create a thriving hotspot of tourism, business, and economic growth, where the state’s vast potential is harnessed to create a brighter future for all.

According to Ezenwa, the mechanisms put in place by the Soludo-led administration in the area of tourism will make tourism a major component of Anambra’s GDP in the years to come.

The governor has demonstrated his faith in the state’s next generation of leaders by entrusting a young and talented architect like Ezenwa Chukwudi with this critical project.

Solution FunCity’s development is transforming Anambra into a magnet for tourists, set to lure visitors from across the nation. By masterfully merging its unique cultural heritage with top-tier entertainment options, the state is on track to become Nigeria’s most sought-after tourist destination.

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