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Imo media: CSOs Lead Campaign For Press Freedom

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A consortium of civil society groups, CSOs, has urged governmental bodies and stakeholders within the media sector to uphold press freedom, enabling journalists to fulfil their societal obligations more efficiently.

The organizations issued the plea in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, during a day-long media symposium themed ‘The Media’s Vital Role in Advancing Governance, Accountability, Transparency, and Inclusivity’.

Practising journalists from the region were present at the seminar.

The conveners – Mac-Arthur Foundation, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center, CISLAC, and Alliance For Africa – emphasized that the seminar aims to enlighten and empower media professionals regarding their crucial roles in promoting effective governance, ensuring accountability among public officials, and fostering citizen engagement in governance processes.

The organizations emphasized the importance of government entities at every level creating a supportive environment for media professionals to carry out their work effectively.

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One of the resource persons Mrs Nnennaya Eneremmadu, who spoke on the topic, ‘Understanding the importance of the media in championing good governance, transparency, accountability and inclusion’, pointed out that journalists face many challenges when carrying out their constitutional responsibilities to the society.

She stated that the media performs pivotal functions in shaping and preserving social cohesion between the government and the populace by acting as the guardian of communal interests.According to Eneremmadu, whenever there’s a call for social change, the media is invariably at the forefront, championing the cause.

According to Eneremmadu, whenever there’s a call for social change, the media is invariably at the forefront, championing the cause.

Additionally, she emphasized that the paramount aspect is investigative journalism, which she lamented is experiencing a decline.

Emphasizing various key functions of the media in shaping society, she mentioned election oversight, facilitating conversations primarily regarding societal advancements through media advocacy, and informing and engaging citizens in political discussions.

She also noted that the most important of all is investigative journalism which she said is on the decline.

‘Investigative journalism enhances transparency in governance, encourages citizenship participation in governance and exposes ills of the society.’

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