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Abia: Chief Okeri Labels PDP’s 24-Year Power As Fruitless

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Chief Christian Okeri, a prominent figure within the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has labelled the 24-year governance tenure of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State as fruitless.

This statement was made during an interview Chief Christian Okeri had with reporters in Aba over the weekend.

While assessing the prevailing conditions in Abia, Okeri remarked that the erstwhile ruling party faltered in demonstrating the requisite capability to address the plethora of hurdles impeding the state’s socio-economic and infrastructural growth.

Okeri expressed remorse over the fact that previous consecutive administrations under the PDP flag recklessly exploited the resources of the Abia populace and unlawfully appropriated public assets, such as buildings and prime land in urban centers, for personal gain.

He praised the present state administration for its dedication to improving essential infrastructure, a task that had been neglected during years of PDP governance in Abia.

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‘I still remain truthful maintaining that the 24 years of PDP governance of the state was wasteful because the new administration is restarting every aspect of development afresh despite having taken over from predecessors in office that were telling us that they were right on course to uplifting the state to higher levels.

‘To me, Governor Alex Otti has, in nine months, done what each of his predecessors could not do in their eight years tenure running into 24 years. I am personally proud of him, though I am not a member of his party.

‘We must at this point keep party issues by the side and face reality. His performance in infrastructural development is so visible that even his enemies are saying he has done well,’ Okeri said.

He urged the people of the state to give their maximum support to the current administration as it is on the right track in taking the state to a higher pedestal.

He encouraged the citizens of the state to wholeheartedly rally behind the current administration, emphasizing that it is moving in the right direction towards elevating the state to greater heights.

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