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Igbo Group Make Case For Redrawing Of Biafra Map

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The Igbo-Biafra Nationalists Movement have made a case for review and redrawing of the Biafra map which they claimed had been a subject of controversy. 

Mazi Uche Mefor who is the convener of the Biafra group stated this on Wednesday while speaking on the controversies surrounding the components that make up the Biafra map.

According to Mefor, the call for redrawing of the Biafra map, was because of the gang up against Southeast by component states.

He added that there was no need to impose Biafra ideology on unwilling partners rather that the Biafra would form alliance with only willing partners.

He said: “The Igbo-Biafra Nationalists Movement and the Indigenous People of Igbo Nation for Self-Determination have taken stock, reviewed and recalibrated on the journey so far on the issue of Biafra Restoration and have called for the redrawing of old Biafra map as this will enable the different components that make up the defunct Biafra Republic to pursue their emancipation differently.

“The call for a review of the old Biafra map stem from the apparent gang up against Ndigbo by other regions of Nigeria and coupled with the unwillingness of other components of the old Eastern region to work together and restore the defunct Republic. And let us be clear—– there was no need to impose the Biafra ideology on unwilling partners. If, however, there is need for alliance in the future, then let it be the “alliance of the willing and not the alliance of grumpy and unwilling partners.

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“So, after reviewing the spate of gang-ups against Ndi-Igbo by the rest of Nigeria in recent times, and more importantly, after efforts to get all the former components Nations of Biafra to jointly put hands together to restore the Biafra of 1967-1970—–and most of them are unwilling and presented the images of unwilling partners-‐—it is our conclusion that the best way forward is for each of them to go about their separate quest for self-determination.Let Ijaw Biafrans, Efik Biafrans, Ibibio Biafrans, Anang Biafrans, Igbo Biafrans etc, go and aspire for or pursue their own self-determination (whether internal self-determination or external self-determination).”

“Yes, it is time for the map of the first Republic Biafra to be redrawn—-it is time for Igbo-Biafra,South-East self-determination. Our homeland remains the territory of the present South-East states in Nigeria. While it is a verifiable fact that there were Igbo communities uprooted and against their will, made to be part other territories in the South-South and the Middlebelt as a result of the obnoxious delineation and gerrymandering of boundaries occasioned by the questionable state creation, it is for these Igbo communities to decide in a plebiscite when the time is ripe whether they will join the Igbos in the homeland,” Mefor said

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