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Imo Residents Decry Hot Weather, Power Issues

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Residents in Imo State have voiced their grievances regarding what they perceive as “unusual weather occurrences,” prompting them to devise coping mechanisms to navigate through the situation.

The main point of contention was the intense heatwave gripping the state, causing sleep disturbances for many, compounded by the erratic electricity supply.

Miriam Okorochukwu, a student at Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Education (AIFUE) in Owerri, expressed that the current weather conditions have become unbearable, significantly impacting her quality of life.

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“At night, we hardly sleep well. I have resorted to wearing sunshade glasses to protect myself from the scorching sunlight experienced in the afternoon. The weather is too hot for my liking,” she said.

Another resident of the state, Chukwuma Eronini, a commercial bus driver, said the sweltering heat experience over the past three weeks has compelled him to wear light clothes just to cope with the situation.

“I also find myself taking a lot of water, about eight sachets a day, because of the sweltering heat in the afternoon,” Eronini added.

Sharing a similar viewpoint, Lilian Ihedioha, who teaches at the Federal Girls’ College in Owerri, revealed her preference for dealing with cold compared to heat. She highlighted the advantage of being able to wear heavy clothes for protection during the harmattan period.

Furthermore, Dr. Johnson Ibe, a healthcare practitioner from Owerri, has offered valuable advice to the public, emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated by drinking water regularly. He advises against waiting until dehydration sets in before drinking water.

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