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Anambra Govt Accuses Newspaper Vendors Of Blackmail

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In light of the state government’s recent crackdown on street trading, officials have accused newspaper vendors in Awka of resorting to blackmail tactics.

In an earlier incident, personnel from the Awka Capital Territory Development Agency (ACTDA) proceeded to dismantle and discard newspapers confiscated from vendor stands on both Thursday and Friday.

The authorities reiterated that there existed a standing instruction to end all street trading activities. Conversely, the vendors asserted that the officials were specifically targeting newspapers that offered critical commentary on Governor Charles Soludo.

Through a press release by the governor’s press secretary, Christian Aburime, the Anambra State government rebuffed the accusation, describing it as an effort to blackmail the government.

Aburime, in a press statement made available to journalists in Awka, said: “It has been observed with concern the resort to needless uproar and untrue allegations by the news vendors within Awka capital territory regarding the enforcement of regulations related to street vending.

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“The truth is, while the state government understands the vital role the media plays in a healthy democracy and appreciates the contributions of news vendors, it cannot allow any act of violation of public order on the pretext of street vending.

“The Awka Capital Territory, like any other capital city, has its master plan for proper development, and it is the government’s primary responsibility to ensure public safety and order for all residents and visitors within the city.”

“Unfortunately, unregulated street vending, particularly on major roads, has become a public nuisance, whereby vendors occupying roadways not only deface the environment but also impede the free flow of traffic, causing delays and frustration for commuters.”

He mentioned that the Awka Capital Territory Development Agency (ACTDA) has taken steps to tackle the issue by confining the operations of news vendors to specific designated areas.

He raised objections to the behavior of newspaper vendors who, aside from operating POS centers, also peddle snacks along the roadside, thereby flouting the ban on street trading, a stance the state government is resolute in maintaining.

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