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What We Did To Improve Budget Performance In Ebonyi – USAID

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The USAID Nigeria State Accountability Transparency and Effectiveness (State2State) Activity has asserted that within few years of intervention in budget profiling, supporting the Ebonyi state government to identify the priority areas of the people and thus, intensify actions towards the provision of such amenities has created the opportunities for an open channel between the people and government where the people feed the government back on their priority needs.

The Ebonyi State Team Lead, Dr. Sam Onyia who disclosed this in Abakaliki, noted that records showed that prior to the intervention of State2State in 2020, Ebonyi State government had been preparing budgets for each fiscal year but budget performances in Ebonyi state had been poor.

Dr. Onyia who spoke speaking through Mrs Victoria Eze said that there were cases of no funding for proposed projects leading to projects abandonment, projects uncompleted or worse still shallow implementation of completed projects which made the USAID State2State to come to Ebonyi state with the aim to improve the state government’s ability to plan through proper budgeting, raise revenue especially through internal generation, increase society participation in budget implementation and oversee service delivery in the areas of their interest which are Education, Health and Water and Sanitation (WASH).

He said that the intervention had made the trends in budget profiling and Cash Planning in the state to see a lot of changes in the budget allocation as it has increased drastically following people’s demand for their needs in the sectors that the USAID State2State Activity have agreement with the state government which made the present government to increase its budgetary allocations in Education from 15.35% to 22.79%.while Health got 6.62% from 5.50% and Water Sanitation had 1.13% compared to 0.94 in 2024.

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Speaking on these increment and its impacts on the people, Mr. John Onuoha of the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency said that the key words of the State2State Activity which are Transparency, Accountability and Effectiveness of governance has made the people to key into its programmes.

He said that this fell into the Community Charter of Demands which has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the People’s Charter of Needs programme of the state government.

The Chief Executive of Hospital Administration in the Ebonyi State Health Management Board, Dr. Nwali Oketa James said that the intervention of State2State has brought new innovations into Ebonyi budgeting and thanked them for the way they have been impacting on the three sectors especially in the Health sector.

Aligning with Mr Onuoha, the Head of Department of Planning, Research and Statistics in the Ministry of Water Resources, Mrs. Akam Mary said that the USAID State2State Activity had enhanced her budget preparations most importantly when she learnt about allotting funds for projects only when the time is due.

Summarily, the intervention of the USAID State2State Activity has enhanced budget performance in Ebonyi state which has led to timely completion of projects, zero tolerance for uncompleted projects and abandoned projects, according to stakeholders.

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