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Enugu Community Attacked: Armed Herdsmen Reportedly Kill One

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Armed herders believed to be gunmen struck again at Agu-Amede near Eha-Amufu in Enugu State’s Isi-Uzo Local Government Area, claiming the life of one individual and setting ablaze a residence.

The unsettling incident occurred on Sunday, January 21, 2024, specifically at the villages of Odoba and Isi Agbuhu in Agu-Amede, as per emerging reports.

Ephraim Ogbu, a community leader, confirmed the attack on Monday, providing the victim’s identity as “Ikechukwu Odomi from Isi Agbuhu Agu Amede.”

He mentioned that the bandits, in addition, set ablaze a residence owned by Chibuike Olinya in Odoba Agu Amede village, emphasizing that he narrowly escaped the assault.

Despite the prolonged duration of the attack, Ogbu pointed out that there was a notable absence of any response from the soldiers assigned to Eha-Amufu or other security agencies.

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‘Our people provided timely information to both military and police. The soldiers only told us that they were on patrol and they didn’t come. What we don’t know is whether the soldiers are here to protect the bandits?’ he asked.

He voiced his concern, stating that since late last year, Fulani bandits, having taken over a substantial part of their farmland, have consistently attacked and killed their people without encountering any resistance from security agencies.

He said, ‘The burning of a bungalow newly completed and finished occurred in the early hours in Odoba village. The bandits supervised and ensured that nothing was salvaged in the house.’

‘Ikechukwu Odomi from Isi Agbuhu was taking his in-law back to his house when he met the bandits on the road. He abandoned his vehicle and ran into the bush. They pursued him and set the bush ablaze, and killed him. His in-law escaped when they were pursuing him. That only saved the woman.’

‘The bandits come into the community at will, kill and burn houses,’ he told Sahara Reporters.

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