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High Chief Amadi Exposes ‘OPOCA’s Scam’ Ahead Of Imo 2027

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The esteemed socio-political organization, OPOCA (Orlu Political Consultative Assembly), once revered as a noble entity under the original name OSCA (Orlu Senatorial Consultative Assembly), has reportedly veered from its laudable beginnings into what is now being described as a manipulative political scheme. In a detailed exposé, Barr. Willie Amadi, a respected member of the Imo Elders Council, reveals the transformation of OPOCA from a constructive platform into an allegedly exploitative operation.

This insightful piece traces the evolution of OPOCA, initially established to support and endorse qualified Orlu individuals for senatorial representation, including notable figures such as Chief Arthur Nzeribe, Chief Achike Udenwa, and Chief Hope Uzodinma. Barr. Amadi recounts the organization’s shift under Chief Kingsley Ufere’s leadership, which maintained integrity and focus, contrasting starkly with the alleged corrupt faction led by Chief Sanfo Nwankwo, Nze Elvis Agukwe, and Rex Anunobi.

The exposé delves into the troubling practices of this faction, including alleged extortion, blackmail, and the creation of a controversial “Hall of Shame,” used as a tool to target non-compliant or oppositional Orlu sons. The article highlights how these actions led to internal divisions, with figures like Chief Fidel Anujo forming the Orlu Peoples Assembly (OPA) in response.

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Barr. Amadi critically examines the roles of key figures in OPOCA’s alleged scandalous activities, casting a light on the organization’s fall from grace. He provides a stern warning to future gubernatorial aspirants from Owerri zone against engagement with these “political cancers,” urging vigilance and caution.

The Eastern Updates presents this expository article to shed light on the intricate political dynamics within Orlu, Owerri, and Okigwe zones, offering readers an in-depth understanding of the alleged manipulative practices overshadowing OPOCA’s once-honorable mission.

Barr. Willie Amadi’s full account offers a cautionary tale of how power dynamics and internal strife can lead to the erosion of an organization’s founding principles, serving as a critical reflection for political bodies and leaders across the region.

Below is Barr. Willie Amadi’s article:

The New Yahoo+ OPOCA.Com.
– The 2027 Scam Agent

By Willie Amadi

Origin of OPOCA.

The acronym OPOCA, Orlu Political Consultative Assembly metamorphosed from OSCA, the Orlu Senatorial Consultative Assembly under Chief Kingsley Ufere. It was a noble organisation set up to identify and support prominent Orlu sons and daughters who were interested and qualified to represent Orlu zone in the Senate. The following sons of Orlu at one time or the other showed interest in representing the zone in the Senate. They were Chief Arthur Nzeribe, Chief Achike Udenwa, Chief Hope Uzodinma, Chief Thankgod Ezeani, Chief Tony Ezenna and lately young Chief Ostia Izunaso
who was supposed to be a placeholder for Chief Udenwa for the 2007 Senate.

The original major operators of OSCA were Chief Kingsley Ufere, Chief Sanfo Nwankwo, Nze Elvis Agukwe, Chief Fidel Anujo among many hardworking and rich Orlu sons.

When the modus operandi of OPOCA changed due to extortion by some rascals and crumb eaters the organisation divided itself naturally. Chief Fidel Anujo with other Orlu sons left and formed OPA, Orlu Peoples Assembly while Chief Kingsley Ufere led a faction of OPOCA that had integrity and focus. The criminal faction of OPOCA allegedly used for extortion and or destruction of prominent orlu sons who were either opposed to the scam where either blackmailed. Unfortunately, this faction was led by Chief Sanfo Nwankwo, Nze Elvis Agukwe and Rex Anunobi. This faction created a “HALL OF SHAME” in Orlu Zone as a tool of extortion or blackmail against vulnerable Orlu sons to release huge sums of money before they will get the recognition and support of Orlu political leaders for either election or re-election. Those who failed and or refused were blackmailed and placed in the Hall of Shame. It was alleged that the government of the day at that time gave them covert approval to also attack those who were either in opposition or not friendly with the government. One of the early recipient admitted into the Hall of Shame was the maverick Sen. Arthur Nzeribe for non compliance with their political and financial demands. Sen. Osita Izunaso was used to dethrone and ridicule Sen. Arthur Nzeribe in 2006 on the condition that he will hold the ticket for the incumbent Governor Achike who will finish his second tenure and proceed to the Senate having done well for Orlu people and the State in general, but it was difficult to convince the young Izunaso to relinquish the ticket later.

The diminishing power of incumbency arising from the law of diminishing return of powers towards the end of second term was effective as OPOCA using the trio of Rex Añunobi, Sanfo Nwankwo and Nze Elvis Agukwe turned three sixty degrees against the incumbent Governor Achike Udenwa who gave them enormous welfare and appointments in his eight year regime. They planned his humiliation in his home town at the capacity filled Orlu Stadium during an occasion he was physically present as the Governor of the State. The President, late Sanfo Nwankwo in his opening address suddenly veered off in his speech and announced the admission of Governor Achike Udenwa into the Orlu Hall of Shame to the shock and displeasure of everyone in the stadium but the damage has been done but Since Karma have everyone’s address, out of the three major operators of today’s new yahoo+OPOCA.COM one is dead, the second is on a wheel chair and the third is still loafing around and rampaging to catch victims of Governorship aspirants from Owerri Zone generally agreed will produce the Governorship Candidate of APC ahead of the 2027 Governorship election as promised by His Excellency, the Governor prior to his re-election without any pre-condition whatsoever.

It was therefore, a huge embarrassment and disrespect for the Chairman of Elders Council HRH Eze Cletus Ilomuanya to read the 419 letter with old format, signed by these rascals who represents absolutely no reasonable individual in Orlu zone. More shocking is the unilateral decision of the Chairman of Imo Elders Council to still read the letter even after his Deputy and Secretary had asked him not to read it to the Council since the Charter of Equity has come to stay after the election. The council disregarded and treated the letter with ignominy while expunging it from the records and minutes of the meeting.

It is obvious that there was a meeting by the known and unknown originators and planners of this failed scam letter designed to lure and blackmail intending Governorship aspirants from Owerri Zone to start patronising these functional fraudsters.


Whilst Imo people are not surprised with the name Rex Añunobi who never graduates in this age long school, the name of Hon. Esom Obodo, P.hD, Pull him Down leaves much to be desired by men of honour and integrity.

Finally, I urge and warn future Governorship aspirants from Owerri zone to avoid these political cancers henceforth and in the near future.

At the fullness of time the leadership and Caucus of Owerri and Okigwe Zones will meet and present to credible Orlu Zone Caucus a list of aspirant(s) for their input before presenting same to His Excellency, the Governor for his fatherly consideration and advice.

Finally, I urge Rex Añunobi and Esom Obodo not to provoke Owerri and Okigwe Zone’s patience as their tolerance may not be elastic in 2027.

I come in peace.

Barr. Willie Amadi
Member, Imo Elders Council.

Owerri, December 2023.

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