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Party Crisis: Kwankwaso No Longer Our Member — South East NNPP

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The ongoing leadership crisis in the New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP) appears to have deteriorated as leaders of the party from the South East geopolitical zone, which comprises Anambra, Enugu, Abia, Imo, and Ebonyi States, on Sunday came e to declare said that the 2023 presidential candidate Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was no longer a member of the party.

They also used the opportunity to reaffirm the dissolution of Kawu Ali’s National Working Committee (NWC) of the party.

‘They alleged that Allahaji Kwankwaso and some of his Kwankwassia supporters’ membership expired immediately after the conclusion of the February 25th, 2023, presidential election.

They called on the general public not to have any political dealings with Kwankwaso under the platform of the NNPP again.

The South East leaders announced that Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, who founded the party twenty-two years ago, will remain the national leader of the party under the chairmanship of Dr. Agbo Major.

The resolution of the meeting held in Awka, the Anambra State Capital, on Saturday was moved by Hon. Chief Ozeogu Stephen, acting Ebonyi state chairman of the NNPP, and seconded by Hon. Nnani Nnaemeka Emmanuel, acting state publicity secretary of Imo State, respectively.

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In some of the discussions during the full house meeting, the leaders accused the current NWC and Kwankwaso of hijacking the party structure from the original owners and for not involving the founder, Dr Aniebonam, in the party’s scheme of things.

The convener and Deputy National Chairman of the Party, Chief Felix Chukwurah, who also spoke, explained, ‘We are all aware that the NNPP, as the number four out of eighteen parties after the last general elections, has encountered encumbrances capable of destabilising her pursuits in many fronts towards claiming God’s mandate of producing the number one citizen (the president) in Nigeria and other political offices in the three arms of government in the next political dispensation come 2027.

“APC, PDP, Labour Party, and the rest of the political parties in Nigeria, including ours, are burdened with the colours of quagmire internally and externally, to the extent that some candidates who came out victorious in the last elections are already defecting to other parties for one reason or another.

“Our party, NNPP, is not immune to party quagmires, but the peculiarities in our circumstances are worth dealing with decisively to resist the obvious.

We have a situation where the party constitution was grossly violated and abandoned for a new one under the guise of amendment by some recent entrants in the party to enable them to perfect a hijack of the party, founded and nurtured for twenty-two years by Dr Boniface Aniebonam and supported by some other pioneer members.

“We have a situation where the NWC was swallowed and manipulated by a few new entrants (Kwankwaso and co.).

They marshal the NWC members to meetings in their private houses for easy access and control over selfish and unpopular decisions.

“They frame anybody they set their eye on, especially some state chairmen who are not likely to support their hijack agenda and suspend or expel them altogether.

They conspired and replaced their imaginary enemies in many states, with some Kwankwasia members as the caretaker chairmen.

“Furthermore, those evil geniuses who are professional transactional politicians who penetrate parties use them for the purpose of jogging out money from unsuspecting individuals and corporations within or outside the country after the above actions moved to suspend the founder and prominent founding pioneers in the NNPP, but the chicken will come home to roost because they failed beforehand.

“Barrister Anazor and my humble self did all we could to broker peace, but we were ignored. Finally, we went to the federal high court to stop the madness by instituting an injunction restraining them from holding any convention in which they intend to perfect the expulsion of the amiable founder of our great party, the NNPP, nor amend the party constitution to aid their plot or parade themselves as functionaries of our party any longer.

According to him, the Constitution of our party reiterates that the Board of Trust BOT chairman has the power to call to order erring members and much more. Hence the reconstitution of the NWCS and BOTs to weed out the inconsistent members and enable the true party loyalists to manage the party effectively.

In the coming weeks, many of our court cases would have yielded the expected result of sending all the miscreants and hijackers out of our party with restorations of party glory like never before.

“This conference is a platform for the introduction of the newly appointed acting state chairmen to the zonal authority and to assure our southeast members that the old NNPP structure is intact, as the strange entrants who joined us with the evil intention of wrestling the party out of our hands have failed.

We shall discuss unfolding occurrences in party affairs, which include the reaffirmation of the dissolution of the Kawu Ali-led NWC and the expulsion of Kwankwaso and Kwankwasia support groups. Finally, to announce the expiration of the MoU that brought the NNPP/NAGAF and Kwankwaso/Kwankwasia into a union to contest for elective positions in the past elections.

It is in the wake of the foregoing that this meeting was also convened to update our members and urge them to join hands in moving our party forward more than ever before.

Chukwurah went on to assure that the NNPP was fully prepared and ready to take over Imo State Government House in the forthcoming November 11th, 2023, governorship election in the state.

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