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NTA Umuahia Staff Raise Alarm Over Dumping Site Near Station

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NTA Channel 21 Umuahia employees have made an earnest plea to the Abia State government, urging them to relocate the garbage dump situated beside their office along the Umuahia-Enugu expressway.

Their claim is that the refuse dump is giving rise to environmental and overall health dangers that affect them.

During discussions on the matter, some of the NTA staff, including Delight Njinkonye, voiced their dissatisfaction with the presence of the hill in close proximity to their workplace, citing the considerable inconvenience it causes to NTA workers.

As per the accounts of the workers responsible for the revisions, the refuse dump site has been steadily expanding in size and emitting hazardous odors, occasionally resulting in illnesses among the staff.

In addition to these concerns, the NTA Channel 21 staff has expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of large flies from the refuse pile, which occasionally gather around their offices, creating an uncomfortable working environment.

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While staging the protest, they implored Governor Alex Otti to issue directives to Abia State Environmental Protection Agency officials for the immediate removal of the identical waste.

Upon reaching out to him, Ogbonna Okereke, the General Manager of Abia State Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA), assured reporters that the refuse site would be cleaned up before the next week, affirming that he had been granted authority by Governor Alex Otti.

‘That dump was negotiated by the previous government. I have discussed this with my boss, the executive governor of the state, and I assure you that by this time next week, the dump is going to be removed’, the ASEPA boss, Ogbonna Okereke assured.

The continual buildup and expansion of the refuse dump pose a risk not just to the station’s staff but also to individuals residing or engaged in commerce in the immediate vicinity.

Therefore, there is a plea for the Abia State Environmental Protection Agency to take action and resolve this issue, in order to eliminate the noxious odors and create a comfortable environment for staff and the community.

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