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Security Agencies Protecting Terrorists, IPOB Raises Alarm

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has lashed out security agencies accusing them of shielding terrorists and bandits killing innocent civilians in the North, while going after innocent and peaceful agitators in the South-East.

The pro-Biafran group alleged that there had been “conspiratorial silence” by the Nigerian military over the recent persistent deadly terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in the northern part of Nigeria.

IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, stated these in a statement on Friday, noting that the heinous attacks in the North had been devoid of the “ethnojingoist” venom that usually accompanies any act of insecurity in the South-East by the Nigerian military.

The statement which was sent to The Eastern Updates read, “Recently, terrorists from northern Nigeria have laid siege to Niger, Zamfara and Plateau, killing and maiming soldiers, downing Air Force helicopter and abducting countless number of terrified civilians.

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“Curiously and rather unfortunate, there has remained a partial to total media blackout of these brutal terrorist attacks by northern elements on their communities because of the reluctance of those in power not to cast those responsible in bad light.

“One wonders how the DSS, Nigeria military, Air Force and Police are not able to discover the hideouts of these Northern terrorists and bandits, but claim they are discovering and bombing non-existent IPOB-ESN camps in the rain forests of Biafraland?

“Security agencies in Nigeria living large on appropriated billions of dollars in the name of fighting insecurity are scam artists. They should stop chasing shadows in the South-East claiming they are looking for IPOB and ESN operatives.

“Had Nigeria Air Force jet come down in the South-East during an alleged operation against ESN, all news outlets and pundits would have condemned every Igbo man alive by now.

“Federal Government and its security agencies are experts in dishing out fake information against the peaceful IPOB as a cover to unleash shameless soldiers to maim, intimidate, and molest unarmed, civilians in the South-East.

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