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Toyota Vehicles Acquisiton: Innoson Backs Otti’s Move

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Innocent Chukwuma, the Chairman of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, has taken issue with the media’s negative coverage of Abia State Governor Alex Otti’s recent acquisition of 20 Toyota-branded vans, intended to bolster the state’s security agencies.

Chukwuma’s endorsement of Abia State Governor Alex Otti as the top advocate for the Innoson brand was voiced during his visit to Nvosi, Isiala Ngwa South LGA, on Friday.

‘He’s the number one marketer of Innoson. Most of the vehicles bought by the government in this state, Abia, are Innoson vehicles and they are happy with the vehicles.’

Chukwuma expressed his gratitude to Otti for consistently being a patron and giving unwavering support.

On the matter of Otti’s recent preference for Toyota rather than Innoson Motors, Chukwuma took a defensive stance in favour of the governor. He revealed that Otti had, in fact, ordered 20 security pick-up vans from Innoson.

However, at that period of high demand, Innoson had depleted its stock, which prevented them from fulfilling the urgent government requirement.

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He highlighted that his company’s inability to deliver the 20 vans during the urgently required period, might have influenced the governor to consider an alternative brand. Chukwuma firmly believed that Otti’s decision should not be a target for criticism.

As part of his visit, the founder of Nigeria’s indigenous vehicle manufacturing enterprise unveiled plans to establish a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) plant in Abia, designed to cater to diesel and petrol vehicles.

The founder also shared that discussions are underway with Abia State government representatives regarding the establishment of a service and vehicle repair centre within the state.

Welcoming the business magnate, Governor Otti assured that he would continue to provide unwavering support for the Nigerian indigenous vehicle manufacturing enterprise. Furthermore, he disclosed that his administration has already acquired no less than 40 vehicles from the Innoson brand.

He further revealed that active preparations are in progress to obtain more vehicles, with special attention given to the acquisition of 24 vehicles for the members of the Abia State House of Assembly.

The Governor reminded the Innoson Chairman that his own (Governor’s) official vehicle was still awaited from his company, to which the carmaker quickly promised to deliver by next week.

He made a resolute commitment to IVM, assuring them of the Abia State government’s willingness to collaborate with the brand.

His emphasis was on the profound impact of these initiatives, which would result in job creation for the youth in Abia and play a vital role in bolstering the State’s economic progress.

Recent reports indicate that the political arena in Abia saw a surge of criticism from opposition members over the past four days, primarily concerning Governor Otti’s procurement of Toyota vehicles for security agencies during the unveiling of Abia’s integrated security initiative, Operation Crush.

The opposition, which counts some high-ranking PDP members among its ranks, has opposed the governor’s decision to overlook Innoson in favour of another brand, particularly considering his prior use of Nigerian brands as part of his campaign before assuming office.

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