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Gov Mbah Inaugurates 20 Commissioners In Enugu State

Enugu State Governor, Barr Peter Mbah on Thursday, officially installed 20 commissioners into office, and charged them to begin their tasks immediately, as the administration is focused on expeditious delivery of campaign commitments.

Among the newly sworn-in commissioners are Prof. Ndubueze Mbah, Mrs. Ngozi Eneh, Engr. Lawrence Ezeh, Prof. Sam Ugwu, Pharm. Chika Ugwoke, Dr. Kingsley Udeh, and Prof. Emmanuel Obi.

Other are Deacon Okey Ogbodo, Dame Ugochi Madueke, Barr. Lloyd Ekweremadu, Engr. Gerald Otiji, Nathaniel Uramah, Dr. Malachy Agbo, Mr. Aka Eze Aka, Adaora Chukwu, Dr. Martin Chulwunweike, Obi Ozor, Emeka Ajogwu, Chris Robert Ozongwu, Dr. Felix Nnamani and Patrick Ubro.

Reiterating his firm dedication to propelling the state’s economy to new heights, promptly delivering essential socio-economic infrastructure, and enhancing human capital development, Mbah stated that the newly appointed commissioners were the product of a meticulous search for capable hands to support his administration’s fulfillment of its manifesto.

‘We expressed a massive vision, a vision that would see us growing our economy exponentially. We also promised our people to eradicate poverty. We want to make Enugu State the premier destination for investment.’

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‘Those are laudable and lofty ideas. But one thing we knew also, when we made those promises, was that we needed a team that will convey our people from where we are today to that destination we want to take them to. For this reason, the process that resulted in your selection was quite rigorous and detailed.’

‘So, I want to congratulate all of you for at least making it on this list. In about 100 days from now, Enugu people want to turn their taps and see water flowing from those taps. We have promised them. So, they are expectant.’

‘We want to have access to quality education. We want to have access to quality healthcare services. We want to attract investments to Enugu and it will require you, deploying not only your skills, but also making sure that you acquire those new skills that we need to fix the challenges of breaking new grounds of economic development and growth.’

‘So, your selection was largely driven by your track records, your experience, your background and it’s our hope that you are going to bring those experiences to bear and to work for the people of Enugu State.’

‘In this journey of greatness, this journey of growth, this journey of development, I look forward to working with you all to actualise the Enugu State of our dreams, together’, the Governor stated.

On behalf of his colleuges, Dr. Martin Chukwunweoke promised the Governor that they would fulfill their obligations to him and the State without any shortcomings.

‘On behalf of all the commissioners, I say that we are very grateful and feel highly honoured for this opportunity to serve.’

‘And I will say that with all our hearts, we are committed to delivering an Enugu State of your dream and our dream. We will do all within our power, with unalloyed loyalty,’ he assured.

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