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Imo Guber: Nwoga, ADP Guber Candidate Vows To End Insecurity

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Ahead of the governorship election coming up in November this year, the candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) in Imo State, Kachi Nwoga, has provided an insight on how he would address insecurity in the state and beyond, if elected governor in the scheduled November 11 gubernatorial poll.

Nwoga, who claimed that banditry was easy to tame, said that he would engage both the state and local apparatuses to halt the scourge.

He pointed out that insecurity fester because it had been politicised by the government.

The medical practitioner accused the Imo State government of stifling opposition political parties by imposing N54 million for gubernatorial advert permit, which he described as sinful and outrageous.

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‘We need to realign. All we are telling us is that if we put the right government in Imo State, Imo can assume a greater state. When you mention Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, I do not see anywhere that should come before Imo State. And we can do it by deliberately encouraging and building on the natural strength of the state in terms of education and tourism. We can do that and do those. Imo people want the good things of life.

‘Today, the biggest challenge of Imo State is insecurity. Imo is so insecured that even this gathering that we have today is not the gathering we can easily have in Imo State, and Imo people want to be secured. When we secure the people, Imo people can have the free education they have always yearned for. Imo people love education. Imo can have the jobs they should have.

‘How can we be sending the highest number of youths to school and yet we still have the highest unemployment rate. People are going to school with the hope that they can get jobs and they have to get jobs. But they are not. It is unfortunate that in spite of the challenge of insecurity that we have we expect that everybody will mellow and look for solutions, especially those at the helm of affairs who love Imo.

‘We should be looking for how to calm the state down and pull us out of this insecurity mess.’

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