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Imo: Tension As Trafficker Snatches 9-Month-Old Baby

In what can only be described as a nightmare come to life, the close-knit community of Amaiyi, Umuaka, Njaba local government area, Imo state, was left in shock as news broke of the kidnapping of a nine-month-old baby girl belonging to Precious Duru from Oguta council area the state.

The incident was confirmed by a local resident named Elder Vincent Durugbo, who hails from the area. He shared this information with newsmen in Owerri.

According to accounts from the community, suspicion turned towards a neighbor residing near the incident.

Fabiana Paulinus was suspected to be linked to the I incident as he resides close to Duru family. The shocking revelation fueled an undercurrent of fear and unease, as the community grappled with the notion that one of their own could be involved in such a despicable act.

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Durugbo recounted that ‘The mother of the breastfeeding baby newly parked in a house in Amaiyi, and the abductor who is said to be a teacher to one school called Saviours Catholic Secondary School in Umuaka, disappeared with her daughter after offering to help her carry the baby.

‘The poor girl is about 19 years old from Oguta LGA. Although, she is not married but has a baby of 9 months. You will recall about four weeks ago, the same story was told in the Amako community where a neighbor also abducted four kids and neither the neighbour nor the kids have been found up till today.’

‘You will also remember that the mother of the four kids hails from the same Oguta. This is because some parts of Oguta are ridden with crisis. That’s why so many of them are relocating to Umuaka.’

As of the report’s submission, the State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Henry Okoye, remained unresponsive, and had not yet provided any feedback regarding the enquiry.

As the sun set on another day of uncertainty, the community of Amaiyi clung to hope, praying for the safe return of the innocent child.

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