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Mbah Promises Fair, Equal Treatment For All

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Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State has affirmed his commitment to treating all individuals fairly and equally, regardless of their race, religion, tribe, or any other distinguishing factor.

In his statement, Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State Harped his stance against discrimination.

Mbah shared this information at the 40th Bishops’ Council Meeting of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, held in Enugu on Wednesday with the theme “Contending For Faith.”

The governor, through his deputy, Mr. Ifeanyi Ossai, praised the church for their prayers and blessings, acknowledging that their support greatly influenced his success in the last election.

Mbah’s words: ‘The Prelate of the Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence, Oliver Abba, when talking requested the governor not to discriminate ,but I want to tell you that Peter Mbah does not discriminate.’

‘His upbringing, exposure and education does not not harbour in him any trace that will trigger discrimination against any person on account of race, tribe, religion or any other consideration.’

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‘He is trained in England and lived his business life in Lagos, not his place, and in all his trajectory of life, he has always been welcome by those he sojourned with.’

Mbah stressed the significance of the bishops’ conference and encouraged them to deliberate on essential societal issues, particularly insecurity, which poses a significant challenge to Nigeria.

He spotlighted the precedence of reminding the residents that violence has historically proven ineffective in achieving successful outcomes, be it in the local context or worldwide.

‘We fought civil war, first and second world wars and they ended on a table, but while they ended, we were not able to recover the human and material damage it caused to humanity.’

‘We must do everything within our collective power to end insecurity,’ he said.

Abba, while discussing the theme, expressed concern about the presence of false prophets among Nigerians, emphasising their prevalence within the church and society. He underscored the responsibility of bishops to proclaim the message of Christ and caution others against deception.

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