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Insecurity: Anambra Police To Targets Fake News Peddlers

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The Anambra Police Command has announced that it will take action against individuals spreading false information on social media regarding the state’s security situation, according to DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the command’s spokesperson.

Speaking to The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Awka on Friday, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga stated that the police command is determined to put an end to the harmful activities of those who engage in spreading false news.

According to Ikenga, the police will focus their efforts on individuals who propagate false security alerts and messages that create disturbances and hinder the smooth operation of businesses in the state.

He expressed his concern over the activities of these mischievous individuals who have been sharing altered old videos of security incidents to instigate fear and anxiety in the state, emphasizing that such behavior is inappropriate.

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‘It is an attack on public safety which must be resisted,’ he said, assuring locals that the command had enhanced security authority and surveillance across the state.

‘We are on top of our duties of protection of lives and properties, and we will never take that for granted.’

Businesses operated smoothly on Friday, and the spokesperson attributed this to the public’s confidence in the security agencies.

‘The Police together with other security forces have intensified patrols in the event of any security challenge, and I can attest that business is ongoing in major markets in Anambra, business is also smoothly moving in Nnewi and its environs today July 7.’

Ikenga stated that those trying to spread fear among the population will continuously fail, and he urged the public to report any security concerns by contacting the Police Command Control Room at 07039194332 or reaching out to the Public Relations Officer at 08039334002.

In addition, he made mention of the availability of the ‘The NPF’ app on both Android and Apple iOS, empowering residents with immediate access and effective security responses.

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