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Soludo Warns Of Plot To Sabotage Anambra’s Security Battle

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Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State has voiced his apprehension over a plot to undermine his administration’s fight against insecurity, emphasizing the need for vigilance and collective action.

Denouncing the opposition’s tactics, Governor Soludo criticized their claims that the Joint Task Force on Security’s remarkable achievements in Anambra State is part of a deliberate scheme to target Igbo sons by linking them to the actions of unknown gunmen.

In a statement released by his Press Secretary, Governor Soludo affirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to the development of Homeland, a smart city designed to provide a habitable, prosperous, and healthy environment for its residents, according to Mr. Christian Aburime

It was revealed in the statement that there are certain elements referred to as fifth columnists who are actively working to sabotage the Anambra state government’s fight against insecurity by spreading unfounded allegations and misinformation.

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The statement read, ‘They have appointed themselves as town-criers of not good tidings, but of horror stories and pull-down-Anambra narratives just to make the government look bad. What a criminal indulgence!’

‘The relative security in the state is not a mere coincidence, but rather the result of deliberate and concerted efforts by the Soludo-led government to continue to secure lives and protect property.’

‘So, instead of a campaign of calumny and pull-it-down syndrome by critics who never see anything good in their state, Anambra State government under the visionary leadership of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, deserves commendation for its unwavering dedication to ensuring the security of lives and property within its jurisdiction.’

‘The government has made substantial investments in law enforcement agencies, equipped them with modern technology, and provided adequate incentives to enhance their effectiveness.’

‘We must refrain from indulging in the temptation to badmouth our own state or spread exaggerated stories of insecurity. While it is natural to discuss and address any security issues that may arise, let conversations be constructive and tend towards improvement.’

‘We must discuss our security situation with caution and accuracy, avoiding the trap of sensationalism in social media platforms that could unjustly scare away visitors and investors. As it is a universally acknowledged fact that no society is ever totally free from insecurity, the Anambra State government will continue to do all things possible to strengthen the state’s security architecture. And with Ndi Anambra providing their goodwill and support, fostering a healthy environment of positivity, the state will surely flourish under the protective wings of a proactive government led by Governor Soludo.’

‘By so doing, we will attract the much-need development investments that will ultimately help in making Anambra a secure, livable, progressive and prosperous state we can all be proud of.’

Governor Soludo’s call for the support of Ndi Anambra is a rallying cry to forge a united front in creating a secure and thriving state.

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