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Anambra: AVG Raises Alarm Over Armed Vigilante Impersonators

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The Anambra Vigilante Group (AVG) recently sounded an alarm, disclosing that certain individuals who are not affiliated with their organization have been masquerading as members, carrying pump action rifles. This impersonation poses a grave concern for the AVG, which has served as a longstanding ally to secular security agencies in their collective battle against insecurity within the state.

Distinguished by their authorization to bear pump action rifles, in contrast to the automatic firearms typically carried by conventional security agents, the AVG has tirelessly collaborated with these agencies to ensure public safety and combat security threats.

With their commendable efforts, the Anambra Vigilante Group (AVG) has played a crucial role in apprehending criminals across diverse communities. However, it is important to note that the AVG operates under a strict mandate to promptly transfer the apprehended individuals to the police.

In an official statement delivered by Nweke Nweke, the group’s spokesperson, the AVG raised concerns about the infiltration of unauthorized individuals wielding pump action rifles. These individuals, although not affiliated with the AVG, have been observed employing these weapons for malicious purposes.

In a press release, Nweke stressed that moving forward, the Anambra Vigilante Group (AVG) will take decisive action to apprehend and prosecute individuals engaged in impersonation.

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Issuing a stern warning to those who have taken upon themselves the guise of the local security organization across every corner of the state, Nweke insisted that immediate course correction is imperative to avoid severe consequences.

He said: ‘It has become imperative to warn those who armpit pump action guns under the umbrella of AVG, but are not known to the Homeland Security Ministry or the operational wing of the outfit to refrain from such activities with immediate effect.’

‘We call for urgent identification-cum-authentication of all vigilante men working across the state.

‘It has become imperative, owing to the danger the operations of the none-recognized Pump Action Gun bearer(s) pose in tackling the insecurity in Anambra State.’

According to the Anambra Vigilante Group (AVG), the Anambra State House of Assembly enacted the Anambra State Vigilante Group Law during the tenure of the Chris Ngige-led administration back in 2004. This legislation granted private groups the authority to collaborate with the police and other security agencies to combat crime and promote security within the state. However, the AVG emphasized that this privilege should not be abused under any circumstances.

‘In as much as we appreciate the efforts of all private groups in assisting to combat crimes in the state, they should also not work on the back page of the law that empowers them to operate.

‘It is, however, a security threat to employ any person with questionable character, as such a person will only sneak in, to know our operational method in assisting the police in fighting the men of the underworld and leak our strategy to his gang and that is another reason we need to know the recruitment method of the private groups.’

The AVG cautioned that their task force would arrest any unaffiliated person carrying arms, and noted the importance of adhering to Ministry of Homeland Security regulations.

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