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Allow Independent Doctors To Treat Kanu – Ekpa Warns DSS

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A popular Biafra agitator, Simon Ekpa, has called on the Department of State Security, DSS, to readmit the two doctors earlier denied access to seeing the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. 

The Eastern Updates recalls that last week, the DSS denied an independent medical team brought by Kanu’s family members and close associates.

The DSS’s action comes after its medical unit cleared two doctors who intended to treat Nnamdi Kanu’s deteriorating ear condition.

Regarding the development, Ekpa, a Finland lawyer and the Prime Minister of Biafra Republic in Exile, BRGIE, in a statement through his official Twitter handle, called on DSS to permit the Doctor to attend to Nnamdi Kanu.

He condemned the action by some expelled IPOB members to stall the process.

“Having gone through what the expelled criminals in IPOB are writing against @AloyEjimakor and MNK siblings, there’s a need to clarify that the two Doctors’ visitation for which Barr Aloy Ejimakor wrote the letter of introduction was part of the broader efforts aimed at arranging the ear surgery and other urgent medical care for Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by Doctors chosen by MNK himself.

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“Again, it was Onyendu that chose these Doctors, not Ejimakor, not Kanunta or Fine Boy, and this is not the first time. Sometime in August last year, another Doctor determined by Onyendu was also denied visitation at the last minute. Still, Barr Ejimakor persisted by getting the Doctor to write an independent medical opinion, a master stroke.

“All these are in the public domain, and Chinasa Nworu, Chika Edozie and Co. know this. They also know that nobody, including the DSS, is arranging surgery for Onyendu to be performed by DSS Doctors and that the DSS does not even have a hospital, not to talk of qualified surgeons.

“Yet, the expelled criminals Chinasa and DOS persist in blackmailing the EJIMAKOR and Kanu family with cheap lies that they are arranging for DSS Doctors to do surgery on MNK. The two doctors did not go to the DSS to do surgery on Onyendu but to examine him and come up with recommendations for the surgery to be done at a hospital chosen by Onyendu and by Doctors chosen by him. Anybody who continues to believe this hate campaign and lies against Ejimakor and Kanu’s family must have his head examined. It needs to be made clear that the expelled DOS has no right to choose Doctors for Onyendu. It’s only Onyendu that has that exclusive right.

“What the DOS and Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor have done by blocking these two Doctors will now delay the time for getting the surgery done (it is one of their highest sabotage of Onyendu’s health).

The Doctors recommendation could also be used to demand Onyendu’s release for the surgery, depending on the Doctor’s advice. But these expelled criminals, DOS people and Ejiofor, have ruined everything. A DSS dungeon is not a hospital or clinic. We, therefore, demand the DSS to, with immediate effect, readmit these Doctors and arrange for them to visit MNK as they are his choice of Doctors and he knows them”, he wrote.

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