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Nsukka Youths Seek Divine Intervention Over Untimely Deaths

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Youths in Nsukka Local Council of Enugu State, under the umbrella of Nsukka Youths Association (NYA), have organised prayer sessions over incessant untimely deaths in the area which is spreading.

Onyekachi Omeje who is the President of NYA disclosed that they decided to organise the prayer to seek God’s intervention in the untimely deaths among youths, which had generated concerns in the area.

He stated that an unspecified number of youths from the area had died suddenly and mysteriously since this year, saying they had not had it so before.

This prayer session is to seek God’s intervention, ask for forgiveness, so, that God will put to an end these untimely deaths among Nsukka youths that had put many families in grief and sorrow,’ he said.

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But the Spiritual Director of Okunerere Adoration Ministry Nsukka, Rev. Fr. Paul Obayi, who preached a sermon at Nsukka Town Hall, venue of the event, attributed the incident to careless life by the youths.

He pointed out that most youths have abandoned God and are more interested in making quick money, and other earthly things rather than surrendering their entire life to God who has the power to protect them.

‘The only way for youths to be safe from untimely death is to surrender their lives to God, because he is the only one that can protect and give long life.

“It’s unfortunate that many youths have abandoned God and submitted themselves to demonic altars for protection and get questionable wealth without knowing that those powers are fake, temporary and have grave consequences.

‘As a youth, if you want to live long, draw yourself closer to God and be prayerful. Youths should always respect and honour God in all they do.

‘It’s more profitable and safe to put your life in the hands of God Almighty than to depend on diabolic charms, evil altars, cults, and evil people,’ he said.

The cleric commended the leadership of NYA, for seeking the face of God to put an end to untimely deaths among youths in the area.

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