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Build Sea Port In Southeast, Nwosu Appeals To Tinubu

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Ahead of Nigeria’s handover expected to hold on the 29th of May, the incoming administration has been called on to put measures in place towards decongesting the seaports in the Southwest and creating a Port in the Southeast to enhance commercial activities in the region.

The President-elect, Bola Tinubu also asked to ensure that the existing ports in One and Calabar function at optimal levels to create more jobs and economic opportunities for Nigerians.

Uche Nwosu, a former Chief of Staff to the Imo State government and an in-law to Rochas Okorocha had in an interview revealed that the incoming administration should work towards decongesting the seaports in One and Calabar to safe man-hour loss, inconvenience, and threat to human lives caused by the hardship around the existing ports.

Nwosu who served under former governor Rochas Okorocha, also spoke on the leadership struggle going on for the President and Deputy President of the Senate, and for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, amid other principal offices.

He regretted that instead of focusing on the welfare of the country, Nigerians have allowed themselves to be railroaded by the struggle for principal offices in the Tenth National Assembly.

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Most of the people vying for positions just want to occupy that office. They should realize that, it is not a place for them to just go and sit, and think that this is their right.

‘It is a place to work because if you occupy a position and the position you occupy does not affect the masses positively, then you’re not worth the position’.

Nwosu further went on to appeal to the incoming President to prioritise national unity, adding that Nigerians are very much divided along ethnic lines.

‘We are too divided that a Yoruba man sees a Hausa man as his enemy and an Igbo man sees a Yoruba man as his enemy’, he maintained.

This is as he lambasted those behind the Alaba International Market fire incident, stressing that ‘there’s no any good Nigerian who would support people fighting other tribes in their zone.

Nwosu maintained ‘I cannot support an Igbo man in the Southeast fighting a Hausa man because you have an issue. Then you go and start burning their properties. Or I will not support a Hausa man burning the properties of the Yoruba man or an Igbo man in the north. I will also not support a Yoruba man burning the properties of a Hausa man or an Igbo man in Lagos’.

He urged persons behind the Alaba market incident to realize that the country is one and together and that no amount of politics can divide the country.

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