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Panic As Sex Worker Is Found Dead In Hotel Room In Anambra

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A commercial sex worker simply identified as Chisom has been found dead in controversial circumstances in her room at a hotel (name withheld), in Onitsha, Anambra State.

An eyewitness claims that the deceased, an Enugu State native, was discovered dead on Monday morning after cleaning her room and washing the plates she had used the night before.

The incident prompted the other hotel sex workers to begin removing their possessions from their rooms in an effort to get away.

As locals gathered around the scene of the tragedy to talk about it, the incident caused confusion in the neighbourhood.

While some suspected that it was a case of murder, others believed the deceased committed suicide.

A source who saw the corpse before it was removed about 2.10 pm, argued that the positioning of the corpse suggested that the deceased was strangulated and could not have possibly committed suicide.

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Another source and a colleague of the deceased who spoke to The Eastern Updates that she might have been strangled by an early caller over a financial disagreement.

She added that the deceased had a disagreement with a caller last week, who allegedly paid her but she refused to give him assess, a situation that led to a serious quarrel and a threat by the caller.

A 70-year-old-woman, living around the hotel, identified as Mama Chizoba, disclosed that the sex workers collected between N5,000 to N7000 depending on the class of callers.

She questioned why the proprietors of the hotel should allow the other girls to evacuate their personal belongings from the hotel when the matter has not been fully investigated.

She dismissed the claims that the deceased hanged herself, saying that all the call girls within the hotel have questions to answer.

According to her, ‘It is painful that this kind of death will happen in a notorious hotel like this and the proprietors will allow the prostitutes living there to be vacating the hotels in broad daylight with their personal belongings when the corpse of their colleague they claimed hanged herself has not been removed and investigated.

‘Why are they running, the proprietors and people are looking at them and they are moving out with their personal belongings, one after the other, and they want us to believe that the girl killed herself. How can somebody who hanged herself be standing with her legs touching the floor?’

Some youths who had the same view about the circumstances of the death of the lady dismissed totally the theory of the call girl hanging herself, saying that nothing could have made her take her life following the nature of the trade she plies, adding that ladies in such trade are strong hearted and can’t think of taking their lives, wondering why she was standing on her feet.

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