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Traffic: Anambra Deputy Gov Dismantles Soldier’s Roadblock

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Anambra Deputy Governor, Dr Onyekachi Ibezim, yesterday ordered the dismantling of a roadblock set up by soldiers in the state.

The incident happened on Christmas Eve when the roadblock manned by the soldiers caused long traffic on the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, causing inconveniences to road users who were travelling home for the Christmas holiday.

A video circulating online which was obtained by The Eastern Updates showed when the deputy governor alighted from his vehicle after witnessing the long traffic, to confront the soldiers, while ordering his security men to dismantle the roadblock for all road users to pass by.

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The deputy governor also took time to control traffic, urging drivers to move fast and avoid unnecessary delays on the road.

In the video, the deputy governor was seen cautioning the soldiers while insisting that – “We cannot continue like this in this country. This was not what the army used to be, you must stop this.”

Since the problem of insecurity started in the South East, road users have suffered traffic congestion, with security agencies conducting stop-and-search operations.

Some road users who spoke to our correspondent commended Dr Ibezim for his action.

A driver, Mr Joshua Mba said: “Is the deputy governor the only big man passing through this road? Others will come with their convoy, and soldiers will stop everyone for them to pass, and they will not care about the poor masses. But the deputy governor came, and even though he can pass without trouble, he felt the plight of poor masses who are being exploited by soldiers, and he insisted by stoping to know what was wrong.”

Others said the soldiers had turned the checkpoint into a cash point, insisting that places where insecurity was rife, abound in the hinterlands and not in towns, where security operatives set up checkpoints just to make money.

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