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Nkwo Triangle: Ibeto Remains A Dignified Son Of Igwe Nnewi

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Following the end of the Nnewi Stakeholders meeting which took place yesterday at the palace grounds, emerging information has put to lie insinuations by some media blogs that frontline Nigerian businessman and global philanthropist, Chief Dr. Cletus Madubugwu Ibeto; OON CON engaged the Igwe of Nnewi, Kenneth Orizu III in a war of words yesterday at the royal palace during a meeting.

It was also claimed in the said publication that the war of words was a fallout of an order from the Igwe banning Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto; OON, CON from stepping foot on the popular Nkwo triangle which is passively referred to as the Centre of Nnewi.

It has however been revealed by attendees of the meeting and palace officials that contrary to the fake news being circulated, Chief Dr. Cletus Madubugwu Ibeto; OON, CON was at the stakeholders meeting and in line with existing protocols, gave His opinion on various issues that made up the agenda of the day before jetting off to Europe to attend to His numerous business engagements.

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Speaking on the development when contacted by The Eastern Updates, Ezeani Chukwunonso Elvis; SSA on Public Affairs to Chief Dr. Cletus Madubugwu Ibeto; OON, CON said that “what transpired at the palace was a stakeholders meeting and at no time was there rancor or an order banning anyone from accessing any part of Nnewi because a father cannot stop a well deserving son from stepping foot on certain parts of His house; the story is the work of merchants of fake news.”

Speaking further, Ezeani said that;
“it is common knowledge in Nnewi that Igwe Orizu considers Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto; OON, CON as a trailblazer and a distinguished son who has consistently put Nnewi on the global map for good; so the bond between them remains strong and unbreakable because of the existence of an unmatched record of the commitment of Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto; OON, CON to the promotion of peace and stability in Nnewi as well as His contribution to human empowerment and community development.”

On the issue of the right of access to the portion of land popularly called “Nkwo Triangle”, Ezeani said that “the land wherein Dr. Cletus Ibeto has a legitimate interests as a bonafide citizen of Nigeria, a distinguished son of Anambra State and Nnewi is not part of the famous triangle.”

“The land has always been the property of a family which has in the past been subject of litigation, initiated by that family – the Nwagbara family of Uruagu Nnewi, against the Anambra State Government, Nnewi North LGA and other state government agencies due to what they perceived to be an attempt by the then government of Anambra State to disposes them of their asset. As at now, every shred of available evidence including certified true copies of court judgements (not appealed by government) fully vests the ownership title of the land on the Nwagbara family and no one else – individual, community or government.”

“There is no known subsisting contest as to ownership of the land hence Chief Dr. Cletus Madubugwu Ibeto; OON, CON currently has absolutely no debate with Nnewi as a town, any individual, organization or government institution regarding ownership of the said land.”

“Omekannaya is a true progressive who remains committed to ensuring that Nnewi thrives for good. He was not a party to the litigation between the Nwagbara family and the Anambra State Government and its other affiliates or agencies.”

“He is also not a party to any litigation concerning the said land; known or unknown but at all times, He will continue to be guided by the supremacy of the laws of the land, the sincerity of His conscience, His love for Nnewi and His burning desire to ensure that Nnewi remains a land of peace, progress and development.”

Conclusively, Ezeani affirmed that Chief Dr. Cletus Madubugwu Ibeto; OON, CON has unbroken and unmatched records of selfless commitment to the progress of Nnewi as a town and Ndi Nnewi as a people which has consistently reflected in all His efforts to sustain peace, stability and development in Nnewi.

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